Recently published (and Call for Papers) : Mediterranean Historical Review 34.1 (2019)

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We are delighed to announce the publication of our recent issue. Please note our Call for Papers (2nd item).

The MHR editorial team

Mediterranean Historical Review, 34.1 (2019)

Table of Contents



Farewell to co-editor Irad Malkin

Calls for Papers

“Byzantium between East and West” – call for articles for a special issue


Knidian “Anyports”: a model of coastal adaptation and socioeconomic connectivity from southwest Turkey

Elizabeth S. Greene & Justin Leidwanger

Let’s meet at Baiae: a journey of 2000 years to the edge of Europe

Lien Foubert

Diaspora and nostalgia: travelling Jewish tales in the Mediterranean

Dina Stein

The intimacy of power: gender and US naval visits to Haifa port 1979–2001

Sarai B. Aharoni


Book Reviews

Tartessos and the Phoenicians in Iberia, by Sebastián Celestino and Carolina López-Ruiz

Josephine Crawley Quinn

Empire and ideology in the Graeco-Roman world, by Benjamin Isaac

Brent D. Shaw

Margaret, Queen of Sicily, by Jacqueline Alio

Dana Katz

Caring for the living soul: emotions, medicine and penance in the late medieval Mediterranean, by Naama Cohen-Hanegbi

Iona McCleery

Knowing bodies, passionate souls: sense perceptions in Byzantium, edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey and Margaret Mullett

Virginia Burrus

Viewing Greece: cultural and political agency in the medieval and early modern Mediterranean, edited by Sharon Gerstel

Ioanna Rapti

An early Ottoman history: the Oxford Anonymous Chronicle (Bodleian Library, Ms Marsh 313), Translated Texts for Byzantinists Volume 5, historical introduction, translation and commentary by Dimitri J. Kastritsis

Amy Singer

The Sultan’s renegades: Christian-European converts to Islam and the making of the Ottoman elite, 1575–1610, by Tobias P. Graf

Yasir Yılmaz

Subversives and mavericks in the Muslim Mediterranean: a subaltern history, edited by Odile Moreau and Stuart Schaar

Orit Bashkin

Guerra Civil y franquismo: una perspectiva internacional, edited by Raanan Rein and Joan Maria Thomas

Pamela Radcliff

Jaffa shared and shattered: contrived coexistence in Israel/Palestine, by Daniel Monterescu

Wolfgang Zwickel


Call for Papers: Byzantium Between East and West

David Jacoby, one of the leading historians of Byzantium, passed away in October 2018. Prof. Jacoby was a member of the international board of the Mediterranean Historical Review, and contributed to it in various ways. His research in the fields of trade, economy and society, revealed not only the Mediterranean aspects of these Byzantine activities, but also the importance that Byzantine history holds for the study of the Mediterranean. We regret this loss very much. To commemorate his lifelong achievements in the field of Mediterranean history, the MHR intends to publish a special issue dedicated to the theme “Byzantium between East and West”. We invite scholars to propose articles addressing this theme in view of the special position of Byzantium between the Levant, Eastern Europe and the Latin West. Byzantium boasts a history of over 12 centuries, maybe more than any other Mediterranean civilization. We wish to address the unique position it held, both geographically and chronologically, in the history of the region. Papers may deal with any aspect of the subject in history, art history or archaeology, in any timeframe (narrow or wide) and in local, global or entangled perspective. All papers will be peer-reviewed following the Journal’s normal evaluation process.

Deadline for submission of articles: 31 March 2020.