Podcast: New Books in Jewish Studies

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New Books in Jewish Studies is pleased to announce the availability of new podcast episodes, many of which may be of interest to H-Mediterranean subscribers.

Over the past month, we interviewed the following scholars about their new publications:

  • Ian BlackEnemies and Neighbors: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917-2017 (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2017)
  • Benjamin R. GampelAnti-Jewish Riots in the Crown of Aragon and the Royal Response, 1391-1392 (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
  • Sara HirschhornCity on a Hilltop: American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement (Harvard University Press, 2017)
  • Alfred IvryMaimonides’ ‘Guide of the Perplexed’: A Philosophical Guide (University of Chicago Press, 2016)
  • Daniel B. SchwartzThe First Modern Jew: Spinoza and the History of an Image (Princeton University Press, 2012)

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We hope that you enjoy listening to the podcast!

The New Books in Jewish Studies Team