MLA Philadelphia 2024, Call for papers: Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew in the 20th Century Eastern Mediterranean

Maria Hadjipolycarpou Discussion

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Arabs, Greeks, and Hebrews shared the status of minority in the late Ottoman period. With the formation of the nation-state, the three literary traditions and languages ceased to be in direct contact, yet residues of their interaction remained.  We invite proposals that help scholars think about ways these literatures deal with the newly homogenizing nations of the LevantAbstracts on population displacements around the First and Second World Wars, foreign interventions in the Middle East during the cold war and post-cold-war periods, nationalism, modernization, decolonization, and the interaction of religion and state in the mid-20th century are welcome. 250-word abstracts by March 18, 2023

Maria Hadjipolycarpou, U of Illinois  Ken Seigneurie, Simon Fraser U