Graduate School: Gender and Public Space

Université de Rouen Normandie – Groupe de recherche d’Histoire EA 3831 In collaboration with: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Università di Napoli Federico II Università di Napoli L’Orientale 

Università di Roma TRE Universität Wien and with the financial support of the Institut Universitaire de France 

 Graduate school 4-7 June 2018 


Call for Papers: Magico-medical knowledge and practices among Jews and others in (Late) Antiquity

Program unit: Medicine in Bible and Talmud

Call for Papers: The Ways of the Amorites – magico-medical knowledge and
practices among Jews and others in (Late) Antiquity

Submission Date: Feb. 13, 2018

For the 2018 meeting of EABS and SBL in Helsinki, Finland
(July 30 - August 3), we invite proposals for papers or for pre-organized panel-sessions
(3 papers, possibly with respondent), preferably with a comparative
perspective, on the theme:

“The ways of the amorites? – magico-medical

Call for Papers: Visions of the future in Ottoman Europe (15th – 20th century)

Conference of the study group „Ottoman Europe“ 

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, 22-24.11.2018

Historians who seek to understand the people of the past have to know their visions of the future – visions that oftentimes differed from the future that those people were confronted with in their actual life.


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