Call for Abstracts AAA 2017: Politics and "The Good Life"

(Apologies for cross-posting! This AAA panel may be of interest to medical anthropologists working on aspiration, care, and/or well-being.)

Call for Abstracts AAA 2017: Politics and “The Good Life”
Panel Organizers: Gabriela Elisa Morales (Yale University) and Caroline Merrifield (Yale University)

Call for Papers (AAA 2017) - Re-examining Medical Narratives


Panel at 2017 American Anthropological Association Conference — November 29 - December 3 in Washington, D.C.


Re-examining Medical Narratives: The Uses, Limits, and Politics of “Storytelling”



Theresa MacPhail (Stevens Institute of Technology) - tmacphai@stevens.edu

Shana Harris (University of Central Florida) – shana.harris@ucf.edu


Fellowships in Global and Community Health

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The International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University announces several student fellowship opportunities for a Master of Health Science (MHS) in Community and Global Health.



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