Discussion about Medieval medical anthropology.

Dear H-MedAnthro members,

Those of you interested in Medieval medical anthropology may be intrigued by two new papers concerning the Mediterranean in the 15th century. 

Recently, the writing system of a Medieval manuscript was revealed to be proto-Romance: i.e., the ancestor to Spanish and the other modern Romance languages. In addition, it is written with a proto-Italic alphabet. It is the only known document of this kind and therefore has considerable linguistic and historic importance.

CFP AAA panel: The new face of global health? Innovative technologies and entrepreneurial solutions

The inspiration for this panel is the recent turn in global health towards what one might call an innovation imperative, in which technical interventions and entrepreneurial solutions to pressing and complex health problems in humanitarian and low resource settings are increasingly prioritized over other approaches.

CFP & Panel Match-Making Experiment for the American Anthropological Association 2018 Annual Meeting


The Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA) (http://seaa.americananthro.org/) welcomes proposals for the 117th American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting, to be held in San Jose, CA from November 14-18, 2018.

UNICEF Minimum Standards and Indicators for Community Engagement

Dear all,

UNICEF is in the process of developing international or common standards for designing, implementing, supporting and measuring community engagement for use in development and humanitarian contexts. Community engagement (CE) is a critical strategy for working with and involving local populations. 

CFP AAA 2018: "Situating & Expanding Drugs’ Capacities: effects that exceed, disrupt, and repurpose chemical composition"

Dear Colleagues,

This is a CFP for the American Anthropological Association's Annual Meeting in San Jose, CA on November 14-18, 2018, for the following series of (2-3) panels.

Panel Title

Situating & Expanding Drugs’ Capacities: effects that exceed, disrupt, and repurpose chemical composition


Laura Meek, PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis, USA

& Rossio Motta-Ochoa, Postdoctoral Fellow (Faculty of Medicine), McGill University, Canada


AAA 2018 CFP -- Possibilities of Care: Social and Political Enactments of the Good Life

Please see the following CFP for a panel on care and the good life for the AAA annual meeting in San José, CA from Nov 14 – 18, 2018.

Title: Possibilities of Care: Social and Political Enactments of the Good Life

Organizers: Fayana Richards (University of Massachusetts-Amherst) and Gabriela Morales (Scripps College)

Discussant: Felicity Aulino (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

NEW SUMMER WORKSHOPS - Special focus on Oral History and Care: Oral History Summer School 2018 in Hudson New York, May and June

Oral History Summer School was established in Hudson, New York, in 2012, as a rigorous training program to help students from varied fields––writers, social workers, radio producers, artists, teachers, human rights workers––make use of oral history as an ethical interview practice in their lives and work. OHSS has two workshop this spring/summer which are now accepting applications. 

Full information about OHSS and the workshops can be found, below: 


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