Reminder - International Conference "Social Sciences & Medical Innovations"

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Dear colleagues,

We wish to remind you of the call for the International Conference "Social Sciences & Medical Innovations", which will be held at the Tomsk State University, Russia, on May 15-17. The conference is organized as a collaborative endeavor between the Center for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST-Centre, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation) and Department of Health, Ethics and Society (HES, Maastricht University, the Netherlands) and will be the part of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014.

This conference aims to explore the complexity of innovation processes in medicine and health care from social sciences perspectives, including science and technology studies (STS), medical anthropology and sociology of biomedicine. It is also intended to map the emergent field of social studies of medical innovations in the post-Soviet region, establish novel connections between scholars working on this topic globally, and stimulate mutual interaction and engagement between social and biomedical scientists, and biomedical and health professionals and policy makers.

The Conference will involve:

  • Key-Note lectures by Klasien Horstman (Professor of the Philosophy of Public Health, Leader of the Research Programme Health, Ethics and Society; Maastricht University) and Jessica Mesman (Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Society Studies; Maastricht University); followed by discussion sessions with professionals and academics from various fields.
  • Conference sessions covering key topics, including Co-production of Science and Society; Innovation Design and Implementation; Innovation Governance; Innovation, Culture and Gender.
  • Master-classes on "Doing social science research in medicine and health" by Nora Engel (Assistant Professor of Global Health, Department of Health, Ethics and Society; Maastricht University) and Anja Krumeich (Associate Professor of Global Health, Department of Health, Ethics and Society; Maastricht University).

Practical Information:

Please send your abstracts by the 20th of February, 2014, to the conference organizers: Abstracts submissions should be limited to 600 words (including a short CV of 100 words). The title of the paper should be limited to 10 words.

See more details on the website of the PAST-Centre:

and the website of HES:

Best regards,

Olga Melnikova (PAST-Centre, Tomsk State University)
Olga Zvonareva (HES, Maastricht University)