Comparative Human Development at UChicago PhD Program

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Dear colleagues,

I'm sending along a notice (pasted below) about the Comparative Human Development PhD program at the University of Chicago which is specifically aimed at potential anthropology students.  Feel free to circulate this, post it in your department, or simply to send it along to particular students who might be interested.  Thank you so much! 

Eugene Raikhel
The Department of Comparative Human Development is admitting new graduate students for the fall of 2018. The Department offers students the unique opportunity to study anthropology and related approaches such as cultural psychology and clinical ethnography at the graduate level in the context of an interdisciplinary program in the social sciences.  The program offers classes in sociocultural, linguistic, medical and psychological anthropology, paying attention to how individuals shape, and are shaped by, their broader social and cultural contexts. We explore how gender, sexuality, age, race, and/or physical and intellectual (dis)ability influences and is influenced by social, cultural, political economic, institutional, and psychological processes. Faculty and graduate students conduct fieldwork in the United States, as well as in places such as France, India, Madagascar, Mexico, and Russia. Areas of particular interest include gender, sexuality and mobility; culture, subjectivity and mental health; disability studies; language as it relates to both individual cognition and broader ideological processes; multiculturalism and transnational migration; youth and generational change.
Comparative Human Development is an interdisciplinary department whose faculty includes anthropologists, biologists, developmental psychologists, sociologists and statisticians. Research in the department explores individuals in comparative contexts including child and adolescent development as situated within families, cultures, schools, communities, and languages.  Students will receive deep training in their primary discipline (e.g., anthropology), but will also take courses across disciplines to encourage broader and more unique research programs.  Students will also receive high quality methodological training, from cutting-edge quantitative courses and research opportunities to theory-driven ethnographic and qualitative analysis skills. Students in good standing are supported for 5 years and provided summer funding.
The current anthropology faculty members of the Department are Jennifer Cole, Michele Friedner, John Lucy, Eugene Raikhel, and Richard Shweder. Other faculty members in the Department include Susan Goldin-Meadow, William Goldstein, Sydney Hans, Guanglei Hong, Micere Keels, Susan Levine, Dario Maestripieri, Jill Mateo, Martha McClintock, Anna Mueller, Lindsey Richland, and Margaret Beale Spencer.  Students also work extensively with anthropologists and scholars from other units at the University of Chicago, including the Departments of Anthropology, History, and Sociology.
Our PhD students have gone on to positions at universities, government, and international agencies.  
For more information about the department and graduate admissions, please see our website The deadline for graduate applications is December 15th, 2017.