CALL FOR ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: Visual Matters: The Role of anthropology in producing and analyzing visual material

Jerome Crowder's picture

AAA Roundtable Organizers:

Sarah Franzen, PhD, Research Associate, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Jerome Crowder, PhD, Asst. Professor, Institute for the Medical Humanities, U. Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas


DEADLINE for SUBMISSION: April 6, 2017

With the advent of digital technology, visual methods have become more commonly employed within anthropological research and produce a wide range of creative and innovative forms of scholarship. Whether still or moving, web-based or published, visual methods are multimodal, offering different ways to think and represent ethnographic material and anthropological knowledge. Visual technologies also bring anthropological material to public audiences beyond academia and serve to dissolve disciplinary barriers, encouraging collaboration beyond the academy and engaging non-anthropologists in the production of ethnographic material. Considering such technological advances requires that we revisit two important questions in visual’s contribution to the discipline: How do visual methods matter for the production of anthropology? Why does anthropology matter in the production of visual materials?

This roundtable presupposes that visual data do more than illustrate or popularize research, but rather create new forms of knowledge and frame that knowledge in new and engaged ways. We aim to discuss the wide range of methods, analyses, and presentational forms visual anthropologists use to produce anthropological knowledge and the consequences of various frameworks for theorizing and analyzing visual material. Our roundtable offers further investigation into the multiple modalities that are shaping how we practice anthropology and how these modalities help make anthropology matter. We invite presenters in various stages of research who may have completed projects or are experimenting with new approaches to detail their process, and the theories and analyses that guides their work, as a means to initiate and frame the discussion.

Please submit an abstract of 200 words (not including title) to be considered for this roundtable. Include your name, affiliation, and AAA membership status at the top of the page. Send your abstract and information to Sarah ( or Jerome ( by April 6. This earlier date allows us to finalize the panel before submissions are due to the AAA on April 14. Feel free to email one or both of us in advance of the deadline with any questions you may have. All participants will need to be registered with the AAA before the April deadline. We suggest you join the Society for Visual Anthropology section, too!