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Fellowships available for Master's of Science in Community and Global Health - Please share with interested students!

The International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University announces several student fellowship opportunities for a Master of Health Science (MHS) in Community and Global Health.


The MHS, part of the Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Program in Community and Global Health at Clark University, offers students an opportunity to gain expertise at the intersection of community and global health, social sciences, environmental and spatial analysis, health policy, and international and community development. Approaching health as a “right and not a privilege”, the program focuses on health inequities, health disparities, social determinants of health, and social justice and equity in the US and globally.


Our faculty members are committed to health equity and to addressing the social determinants of health and illness locally and globally. They encourage you to challenge doing public health as usual by emphasizing the importance of working with community stakeholders to identify priorities and come up with feasible and appropriate solutions. This “bottom up” meets “top down” approach ensures that solutions are sustainable and can make a long-term impact beyond the projects’ life.


Our faculty maintain a diverse portfolio of academic research and public practice in the United States and globally, and engage students in these efforts. Their areas of expertise include medical anthropology, public health, environmental health, GIS, international development, and community development and planning. They have varied areas of foci that include:

  • Environmental impacts on children’s health
  • Social justice among hard-to-reach populations (drug users, sex workers, and gangs)
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections, diseases
  • Law enforcement as partners in violence reduction, prevention, and intervention

Student engagement in faculty research and practice is a central value of the MHS, and IDCE more broadly. Conducting research with—instead of on—a community creates a reciprocal relationship with many benefits. This results in deeper understanding, innovative thinking and more effective solutions. Faculty maintain sustained long-term partnerships in the communities in which they work including public health departments, NGOs, city governments, and affected communities.

To learn more about the program, please visit http://www.clarku.edu/master-health-science-community-global-health


Outstanding students can apply for one of several competitive Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Fellowships. These fellowships provide funding for all tuition-related expenses of full-time students pursuing Clark University’s MHS in Community and Global Health.


Students must apply by March 15, 2017 for full consideration to the Fellowships.

For more information please contact Paul Mack, Associate Dean of Graduate Marketing and Admissions at pmack@clarku.edu, or Dr. Marianne Sarkis, the Program Coordinator, msarkis@clarku.edu,


Clark University is a Liberal Arts research university located in Worcester, MA. It has 1,064 graduate students; 2,301 undergraduate students.  Clark was recently recognized by US News & World Report, “Best Graduate Schools,” 2015; Featured in Colleges That Change Lives; Princeton Review, “No. 3 among 25 Best Schools for Making an Impact,” 2016; Net Impact, “Top 50 School for Environmental Sustainability,” 2015.

The International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) department engages scholars, practitioners and students to think critically, and act collectively to alleviate effects of inequity, environmental degradation, and poverty. It is home to five Master’s degree programs, two dual degree programs, and four certificate programs:

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Community and Global Health
  • Community Development and Planning
  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment
  • International Development and Social Change

Dual Degree Programs

  • ES&P/MBA

Certificate Programs

  • Global and Community Health
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Refugee, Displacement and Forced Migration Studies
  • Youth Work Practice


For more information, visit Clark University website at http://www.clarku.edu, and IDCE at http://www2.clarku.edu/departments/international-development-community-environment/



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