CFP: MLA conference panel: From Anthropocene to Zeitgeist: Time and Timelines in 18th/Early 19th Century German Literature and Culture. San Francisco, CA (15.3.2022)

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Call for Papers: Sponsored by the MLA Forum Executive Committee, LLC 18th- and Early-19th-Century German 


MLA Annual Convention

5-8 January 2023

San Francisco, CA 


From Anthropocene to Zeitgeist: Time and Timelines in 18th/Early 19th Century German Literature and Culture

At the end of the eighteenth century, new and diverging conceptions of time and temporality proliferated in German literature and culture. While accounts of human history by Herder and Kant upended traditional epistemologies of time, popular journals often featured reflections on ephemerality, the Zeitgeist, and the crises of the present momentMeanwhile, literary authors experimented creatively with anachronisms as well as alternative facts and timelines (e.g., Schiller’s rearranging of the female antagonists’ ages in Maria Stuart). Recent German Studies scholarship has uncovered productive new approaches to notions of time around 1800, while itself critiquing established chronologies of literary and intellectual history. These include groundbreaking work on the Zeitgeist and ephemerality (Maike Oergel, Sean Franzel); critiques of colonialism that address how eighteenth-century Germans re-centered and re-wrote metanarratives of colonialism and enslavement (Susanne Zantop); and timelines that place the beginnings of the Anthropocene in the late eighteenth century (e.g., Heather Sullivan). Our panel welcomes proposals on any aspect of time, timelines, and temporality in the literature, philosophy, arts, and cultures of eighteenth-century German-speaking Europe.  


Please send a 300-word abstract and short bio to Mary Helen Dupree ( by 15 March 2022.



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