ANK: KORREKTUR What is an Anthropocenic object? Transdisciplinary perspectives on natural, cultural and hybrid objects, online (17.02.2022)

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Opening event of a series of workshops on "Anthropocenic Objects. Collecting Practices for the Age of Humans". A cooperation on material culture in the Anthropocene and the changing role of museums, archives, digital and participatory collections of the Museum für Naturkunde and Europeana  (dates: 17 February, 17 March and 14 April 2022).

First Workshop: What is an Anthropocenic Object? If nature and culture in the Anthropocene can no longer be considered as two independent spheres, this has an impact on today's status of objects. What new categories do we need to describe and work with objects? What does it mean for museums and other institutions if the distinction between natural and cultural heritage no longer fits? And can the observation of humans’ interaction with their objects help in better understanding the so-called Anthropocene?

Digital event via Zoom for and with interdisciplinary researchers and museum professionals, organised by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin as part of a project in collaboration with Europeana Research within the Europeana Research Grants Programme.


13:00 Introduction (Elisabeth Heyne)
13:15 Presentation session (i): What is an Anthropocenic object for you?
14:30 Break
15:00 Presentation session (ii)
16:15 Short Break
16:30 Round Table (i): What new categories do we need to deal with objects in the Anthropocene if the distinction between natural and cultural heritage no longer fits?
Chairs: Bergit Arends (London), Nils Güttler (Zürich), Franz Mauelshagen (Bielefeld)
17:15 round table (ii): How can we rethink our relationship to the global environmental transformations that confront us with unprecedented challenges? Or is collecting no longer suitable?
Chairs: Gregg Mitman (Wisconsin-Madison) Sandra Maß (Bochum), Benjamin Steininger (Berlin)
18:00 Round Table (iii): What new institutional and political perspectives result from a revised status of the Anthropocenic object?
Chairs: Nicole Heller (Pittsburgh), Mareike Vennen (Berlin)
18:30 Conclusion

Moderation: Solvejg Nitzke (Dresden)

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