ZS: Revista de Filología Alemana 29 (2021)

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Revista de Filología Alemana 29 (2021)

Literary Studies

9-24 Reinhard Sorgeʼs The Beggar: “I am so alone / And carry light and cannot find the nightˮ , by Ingrid García-Wistädt

25-44 Space as Story. Cartographic Strategies in Christoph Ransmayr’s Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes, by Manuel Maldonado-Alemán

45-62 The Aesthetics of the Shoah in Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Kinder der Toten and Neid. Privatroman, by Irina Ursachi

63-77 “Draußen war Deutschland, und Drinnen war Ich”: Frontier, Periphery and Liminality in Maxim Biller’s Autofiction , by Pedro Alemany Navarro

79-92 Investigation Narrative and Xenophobia in Friedrich Ani’s All die unbe-wohnten Zimmer (2019) , by Hend Asaad

93-108 Spain in Current German Travel Novels, by Andrea Bies

Linguistic Studies

109-130 Is Hauptsache a Discourse Marker?, by Ferran Robles i Sabater

Cultural Studies

131-151 Heimat Lexis and Heimat Discourses in AfD Election Programs , by Georg Schuppener

153-183 Reviews

Contributions for vol. 30 are welcome before March 2022 (https://revistas.ucm.es/index.php/RFAL/index)

Redaktion: Constanze Baum – Lukas Büsse – Mark-Georg Dehrmann – Nils Gelker – Markus Malo – Alexander Nebrig – Johannes Schmidt

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