ZS: The Germanic Review - Literature, Culture, Theory, Volume 96, Issue 4 (2021)

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The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory

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The Germanic Review delivers the best of international scholarship in German studies. With contributors representing leading research institutions in the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Australia, and Germany, the journal features peer-reviewed articles on German literature and culture, as well as reviews of the latest books in the field. Most articles appear in English, although each year a few are entirely in German. Issues discuss prominent German artists and intellectuals; German national character; and German identity and historical memory. German scholars and students appreciate The Germanic Review’s analyses of German literature, culture, and theory, as well as the lives of German authors.

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A Green Hell Makes Better Germans: Carl Stephenson's "Leiningen" and the Almost Aryan Countertextual Army Ants

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

The Truth of the Illusion: Efraim Frisch's Imposter Novel Zenobi (1927)

Sylwia Werner

Contesting Lewd Banter at Work: Ottilie Baader and Heinrich Holek's Autobiographies

Birgit A. Jensen

Nomad and Pariah: Anni Albers and Hannah Arendt on Refugee Experience

Therese Ahern Augst

Ende der Legende: Hintergründe zu Walter Benjamins Tod

Ulrich Fries


Book Reviews

Romantiere. Zoopoetik bei Wieland und Wezel (Adrian Robanus)

Sebastian Brass

The Linguistic Condition: Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Poetics of Action (Claudia Brodsky)

André Flicker

Middling Romanticism: Reading in the Gaps, from Kant to Ashbery (Zachary Sng)

Patrick Walsh


The Editors welcome manuscripts of high analytic quality that are relevant to German literature, culture, and theory. 

The Germanic Review receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site located at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ger.

If you have any other requests, please contact Oliver Simons, Executive Editor, at o.simons@columbia.edu.

Authors interested in reviewing books please contact the book review editor André Flicker at andre.flicker@mail.utoronta.ca

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