CFP: German M.A. Program at the University of Missouri with Funding (15.01.2022)

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Earn a Master’s Degree in German Studies while Teaching at the University of Missouri

An overview of our program:

Features: The University of Missouri features one of the strongest North American terminal-M.A. programs offered in German Studies.  Our large faculty holds a wide range of interdisciplinary specializations and its members are prominent in the national and international academic communities. Students benefit from small seminar settings and sustained contact with faculty members. Some of our M.A. graduates pursue careers in academia, where they compete successfully for positions in Ph.D. programs; others devote themselves to the teaching of German, or leverage their knowledge of German cultural history to advance in the fields of government, law, and business.

Program Overview: The M.A. program is typically completed in two years. Each semester, students take three graduate seminars and teach one beginning or intermediate-level German language course. At the end of the fourth semester, students take a comprehensive exam or submit and defend a master’s thesis.

Faculty: The German Studies faculty consists of seven research and teaching professors who hold specializations in various aspects of German literary and cultural studies including film studies, media theory, and aesthetics; German philosophy, critical theory, and intellectual history; German-Jewish cultural studies, German-Eastern European relations, and Holocaust studies; interdisciplinary neuroscience and eco-criticism; memory studies and death studies; German colonialism, Turkish-German studies, and the cultural history of the African diaspora in Germany; second-language acquisition, new media, technology, and pedagogy.  Students often have the opportunity to work individually with faculty members to specialize in topics of interest.

Financial Overview: Students who teach as Graduate Instructors in our program are granted tuition waivers, and thus do not pay university tuition. In addition, they receive a salary of approximately $16,500 per academic year. This is typically enough to cover modest housing and personal expenses, as well as the student facility fees, which amount to approximately $500 per semester.

Requirements: As the minimum basis for application, students must have excellent language skills in both German and English (international students must submit a TOEFL score or a designated alternative); they must have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in German studies or a related field; and they should have a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Timeline: The deadline for applications to the German program is January 15, 2022. Applications received by this deadline have the best chances of receiving a Graduate Instructorship and may also be eligible for additional university-level grants. Applications received after January 15 will be reviewed for unfunded spaces in the program but will be considered for funded positions should any become available.

Our website:

Here, you will find links to faculty profiles, application documents, and more detailed information about program policies.

Further questions can be sent to the director of graduate studies, Dr. Kristin Kopp at


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