CFP: Traditions: A Survey into the Past, Present and Future of German-Speaking Cultures, The Ohio State University (31.12.2021)

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Traditions: A Survey into the Past, Present and Future of German-Speaking Cultures 

The 14th Annual Germanic Graduate Student Association Conference at the Ohio State University, 11-12 February 2022


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ruth von Bernuth, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Director, Carolina Center for Jewish Studies 


There are few words as powerful, yet so elusive, as "tradition." It is a term which has held prominent presence on the tips of both tongues and pens for centuries. From philosophy to cultural studies to the realm of politics, "tradition" has often been a topic of debate and controversy. Therefore, at the 14th annual GGSA conference at the Ohio State University, we aim to create a space for scholarly discussion on the perplexing topic of "tradition" as it pertains to the German-speaking world. We invite scholars to submit abstracts from a wide range of fields such as German Studies, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Comparative Studies, Film Studies, Anthropology, History, Art History, Political Science, Linguistics, Sociology, Migrant Studies, Jewish Studies, Near Eastern Studies, etc. 


Our conference, to be held in-person and virtually, welcomes submissions that can touch on, but are not limited to, the following topics and themes: 

  • The Politicization of Tradition  

  • Tradition and Identity  

  • The Adaptation of Tradition over Time  

  • Minority Traditions  

  • The Assimilation of Minority Traditions into Popular Tradition  

  • Tradition and the Avant-Garde  

  • Tradition and Appropriation  

  • Reconciling Tradition with Modernity 


Abstracts should be submitted by 31 December, 2021 to We welcome both presentations with single and multiple authorships. Abstracts can be submitted in either English or German. Abstracts should not be longer than 300 words, nor should they include the name(s) of the author(s). Your name, pronouns, email address, paper title, and university and department affiliations should be submitted as a separate attachment along with your abstract. Please see our website at for further information.