ANK: New Directions in German Studies: Postwar Affect, online (18.11.2021)

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We would like to invite you to join the webinar Postwar Affects, an event in our series New Directions on German Studies on November 18 at 1PM EST/19h CET. Our guests will be Anna Parkinson, Frank Biess, and Jan Süselbeck. 

The central place emotions hold in the account we give of a period and of its culture is increasingly recognized by historians and scholars of German literature and culture. The webinar will discuss questions such as: Can we define prevalent affective figurations of postwar Germany? Are there artifacts through which we can access them? Are these emotions part of a psycho-historical situation? What impact do they have on social relations? How do they shape, deform, and counteract memory? 

Frank Biess (UC San Diego), "Emotional Narratives: The History of the Federal Republic"

Anna Parkinson (Northwestern University), “Reading for Emotion: Structures of Feeling in Early Postwar West German Culture.” 

Jan Süselbeck (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) , “Between empathy, mourning and resentment – the Shoah in postwar German literature”

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