ANK: Thing-Based Romanticism: Romantic Studies through the Exploration of Concrete Objects

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Thing-Based Romanticism: Romantic Studies through the Exploration of Concrete Objects

New Postgraduate Colloquium for 2022

The North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) is launching a recurring online colloquium for postgraduate scholars around the world. You are warmly invited to join us.

The NASSR Postgraduate Colloquium for Romanticism will meet once a month, from January to July 2022. We will meet not to hear papers, but to discuss specific, tangible objects relating to the field. Each discussion will center on an object chosen by a designated member and shared beforehand with the rest of the group.

We believe that tangible objects can ground a discussion more easily than a theme or topic, and that this is welcome in a field as vast as ours. By the same token, we hope a focus on objects will allow us to generate the richest ideas together out of our diverse interests.

The object can be anything which has caught a member’s attention during their research: for example an artifact, article, or quotation. We only ask that it is concrete and accessible within our constraints of time and expertise. The designated member will lead the discussion. They will also, we hope, use their enriched understanding to write a post for our blog New Studies in Romanticism (see link at the bottom of this message).

Romanticism is an international phenomenon, and we welcome scholars working in all areas and all languages of Romantic literature. We will work in English to be as accessible as possible, but not confine ourselves to English material. You do not have to lead a session; participating is enough!

We also hope to complement our discussions with talks by guest speakers.

A preliminary meeting will be held in early December (date TBC) for members to introduce each other and plan a schedule.

If you would like to attend, or have any questions, please email Sigmund Jakob Michael Stephan at: . New members will always be welcome, but we would be grateful if you could register by email by 23th December 2021. Please include a short bio and a brief description of your research.

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