ZS: Colloquia Germanica 53, 2-3 (2021)

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we would like to draw your attention to the current issue of our Germanistic journal Colloquia Germanica Vol. 53, Issue 1 (2021). Below you will find the corresponding table of contents of the Journal:

Volume: 53 - Issue 2-3 (2021)

Special issue: Ecological Archives

Guest editor: in: Caroline Schaumann and Paul Buchholz


Paul Buchholz
Introduction: Why Ecological Archives?

Hubert Zapf
Cultural Ecology, the Environmental Humanities, and the Ecological Archives of Literature

Gundolf Graml
‘The Invention of Reality Required No More Records’: Christoph Ransmayr’s Role as Cultural Ecological Archivist

Jens Klenner
Suspended in the Archives — The Three Natures of the Miner of Falun

Joela Jacobs
Umweltschutz als Moralkeule: The German Past, the Refugee Present, and the Planet’s Future

Tanja Nusser
Flüchtlingsströme against / and / or Wohlfahrtsfestung: An Ecology of the So-called Refugee Crisis

Jack Davis
Two against Nature? Brecht, Morton and Contradiction

Jason Groves
Dark Geology: The Arcades Project as Earth Archive

Seth Peabody
Infrastructure, Water, Ecology: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis as Ecological Archive

Ian Fleishman
“Naturgeil”: Homo-Eco-Erotic Utopianism in Hitler Youth Film Propaganda and ‘Boy Scout’ Porn

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Further information on the journal is available at https://elibrary.narr.digital/journal/cg.

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