KONF: The 2nd and 3rd Generation: experiences of the Descendants of Refugees from National Socialism, Online (09.03. – 11.03.2021)

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Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies 
at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London

Registration for the Research Centre's Triennial Conference is now open: https://modernlanguages.sas.ac.uk/events/event/20105

The 2nd and 3rd Generation: experiences of the Descendants of Refugees from National Socialism

from Tuesday, 9 March to Thursday, 11 March 2021 (Online)

Participation is free and open to all who are interested in the topic. Advance registration is essential via the link above. The programme is also available in PDF at https://modernlanguages.sas.ac.uk/events/event/20105


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

13.00-13.15           Welcome and Housekeeping: Jana Buresova (London)

Panel A:    Second Generation Research – A New Field? (Chair: Andrea Hammel)

13.15-13.40           Andrea Hammel (Aberystwyth): ‘My experience began in the womb’ to ‘Too much Oh Weyhing’: Researching the Second Generation Experience’

13.40-14.05           David Clark (Independent Researcher): Descendent Generations: the Emotional Impact of ‘Roots Tourism’

14.05-14.30           Anita Grosz (Aberystwyth): A Comparative Study of the Kindertransport Second Generation in the UK and the USA

14.30-14.45           Break

Panel B: Citizenship (Chair: Andrea Hammel)

14.45-15.10           Dani Kranz (Beer Sheva): The Long Haul of Displacement and Refuge: Post-1945 German Legalese that Covers the Category German, Access to German Citizenship, and Discontent amongst Refugees from Germany and their Descendants        

Presentation on Forthcoming Book: Debating the Zeitgeist and Being Second Generation (Chair: Miriam David)

15.10-16.45           Speakers: Miriam David, Merilyn Moos, Maggie Gravelle, Gaby Weiner, Anne R. Sultoon


Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Panel C: Die Generationsfrage in der Literatur (In German; Chair: Andrea Hammel)

10-:00 - 10:25       Yannick Gnipep-oo Pembouong (Trier): Ambivalenz als Darstellungsmittel der Vaterfigur in der Literatur jüdischer Autoren der ‘Zweiten‘ und ‘Dritten Generation‘

10.25-10.35           Short Break

Panel D: Art (Chair: Anita Grosz)

10.35-11.00           Monica Bohm-Duchen (London): Chasing Shadows: The Uses of Photography in the Work of Second Generation Visual Artists in the UK

11.00-11.25           Glenn Sujo (London): Aporiai: Reworkings of the Visual Field after the Event

11.25-11.50           Rachel Dickson (Ben Uri Museum and Gallery, London): Helga Michie, Ruth Rix and Rebecca Swift: Reflections on Art in Exile Across Three Generations, through the Exhibition Staircase (2000)

11.50-12.15           Jennifer Taylor (London): Enfant Terrible or Faithful Curator of Heritage? The Life and Work of Jo Bondy (1937-2015)

12.15-13.30           Lunch Break


Wednesday, 10 March 2021 (continued)

Panel E: Literature (Chair: Andrea Hammel)

13.30-13.55           Stephanie Homer (London): ‘Frag sie nicht, frag sie nie’: Investigating the Experience of the Second and Third Generations, Intergenerational Conflict and Resolution in Renate Ahrens’s Kindertransport Novel Das gerettete Kind

13.55-14.20           Agata Joanna Lagiewka (Galway): Multidirectional Memory and Transgenerational Trauma in Contemporary German Narratives

14.20-14.35           Break

Panel Discussion: Analysing the Second-Generation Experience (Chair: Bea Lewkowicz)

14.35:16:00           Speakers: Anthony Grenville, Brean Hammond, Deborah Vietor-Engländer and Bea Lewkowicz (ten-minute contribution each, responses to each other and then questions from the floor)


Thursday, 11 March 2021

Panel F: Literature and Language (Chair: Stephanie Homer)

09.30-09.55           Suzan Hussain (London): Second-Generation Refugee Children’s Language and Culture

09.55-10.20           Angharad Mountford (London): 'The Lenkvitch of my Grentmuzzer': Language and Refugee Experience in Sophie Herxheimer's Third Generation Poetry

10.20-10.45           Margaret May (London): Inventing the Truth: The Use of Photographs and Other Objects to Reconstruct Identity in Fictionalised and Autobiographical Family Narratives

10.45-11.10           Jana-Katharina Mende (Liege): Migrating Memories: Forgotten Stories of Babij Jar in German (Migrant) Literature and Discourse

11.10-11.25           Break

Panel G: Film (Chair: Bea Lewkowicz)

11.25-11.50           Sue Vice (Sheffield): Filming her Mother: Chantal Akerman as Second-Generation Artist

11.50-12.15           Sandra Meiri (OUI, Ra’nanna): The Transmission of Sexualised Trauma to the Second Generation: An analysis of Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel (2007)

12.15-12.50           Odeya Kohen Raz (Tel Aviv University): Arnon Goldfinger's The Flat (2011): Ethics and Aesthetics in Third Generation Holocaust Cinema (showing excerpts of the film)

12.50-13.15           Concluding Discussion
(Chair: Andrea Hammel)

13.15                       Close of Conference