CFP: GSA 2021 - Seminar: The New Media of Migration, Indianapolis (25.01.2021)

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Since the turn of the century, artists, activists, humanitarian organizations, and production companies in Germany have turned to New Media to communicate the journey of millions fleeing war-torn regions of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Mobilizing emergent digital modalities and digital infrastructures, they are cultivating a new aesthetic of forced migration that complicate popular mediations of migration experiences.


“The New Media of Migration” will investigate the re/presentational modes of global forced migration within the aesthetic, sociopolitical, and technological aspects of the new millennium. Through a series of foundational texts in New Media Studies that engage the rapid crossing of standardized borders, this seminar will bring German Studies and Migration Studies into dialogue by way of recent digital cultural production on forced migration, including smartphone videos, film essays, gallery installations, video games, and social media.


To this end, we will begin by considering the following questions:

  • What role does German/national and collaborative/transnational cultural production play in global forced migration?
  • How do New Media forms recalibrate traditional discourses of forced migration?
  • How does the transdisciplinary nature of New Media help develop new methodologies for approaching the issues of forced migration?

This seminar aims to bring together transdisciplinary scholars to develop new methodologies for engaging New Media and welcomes proposals from academics at all career stages. Conveners will cultivate a seminar experience through the research foci of accepted participants and suggested readings that positions Germany as foundational in transnational discourses on forced migration but also encourages a reevaluation of national models in the examination of this complex issue. Selected participants will be asked to submit a 6-8-page paper that tackles the seminar’s focus by August 15. Conveners will organize papers into three thematic clusters and circulate them for reading in advance of the sessions.


Ultimately, we seek to establish both the theoretical foundation and founding membership for a proposed GSA Mediographies of Migration Network, the first task of which will be to publish papers emerging from “The New Media of Migration” seminar in an edited volume or special issue.


Application Procedure

Please submit a brief statement of interest and a focused description of your research as it relates to the seminar topic (250-500 words) and a brief biography electronically through the GSA website: The GSA seminar application portal is open from January 4th, 2021 to January 25th, 2021. You must be an active GSA member in order to apply.


Please contact the seminar conveners, Ljudmila Bilkic ( and Biz Nijdam ( with any questions.