CFP: GSA 2021-Panel: Reexamining Turkish German Archive(s), Indianapolis (01.02.2021)

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Reexamining Turkish German Archive(s) 

This panel series seeks to (re)examine the Turkish German archive(s) by specifically taking developments since 2013 into consideration. How have recent (forced) migrations from Turkey impacted and transformed Germany’s cultural, institutional, political and academic landscape? How do relocation, immigration, and exile figure thematically and conceptually? What kind of exchanges with long-standing Turkish and Kurdish diasporic communities have occurred? Which collaborative efforts and interventions have emerged that promote “radical diversity” (Max Czollek) and highlight alliances across minoritized communities? How have discourses on dis/integration shifted through artistic collaborations (especially taking new formats and modalities into account)? How do cultural practices engage multiple sites across borders? How are (post)migrant perspectives and positions changed, rejected or redefined? How do contemporary voices and practices connect to, or “open up old archives” and make the voices of the 1960s, 1970, 1980s, 1990s “audible” (Deniz Utlu)? In what ways do Turkish German archive(s) help us understand historical continuities and discontinuities and how does the recent wave of migration from Turkey alter our assessment of Germany’s “migrant archives” (Yasemin Yildiz and Michael Rothberg)?

Please submit 300 word abstracts and a short bio to Ela Gezen ( and Mert Bahadir Reisoglu ( by February 1st, 2021.

At present, the 2021 GSA conference is scheduled to be in-person only. Should conference plans and formats change, updates will be announced via email and the website. 


Redaktion: Constanze Baum – Lukas Büsse – Mark-Georg Dehrmann – Nils Gelker – Markus Malo – Alexander Nebrig – Johannes Schmidt

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