STIP: Call for Applications to Graduate Studies in German at UW-Madison (02.01.2021)

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The German Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is offering multiple funded positions for graduate students to join our program in the fall of 2021. At the end of a tumultuous year, and with a bare handful of positions for teaching and researching in German Studies in higher education listed, we feel it is important to acknowledge the question: why pursue a PhD in German, or in the humanities at all? We draw inspiration from the conversations at a town hall on the job market crisis held by the collective Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum, where participants held that despite everything, “Graduate education is a lifeboat for free thought, creative collaboration, activism, knowledge-making, cultural production, and alternative political visions.” We hope so, and are convinced that a leading public research university like ours has an important role to play with its commitment to the public good. To that end, we offer a broad and interdisciplinary program within a similarly broad and interdisciplinary department with a collaborative and collegial culture. Furthermore, both the German Program and the Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+ as a whole have in the past several years begun to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a central focus of our research, teaching, and service missions. (For a description of our activities please see our Commitment to Social Justice action plan at We recognize that this is an ongoing task that requires each of us to unlearn our socialization in cultures where privilege and opportunity are unequally distributed and then to put that unlearning into practice in our classrooms, syllabi, decision-making structures, and research. We have much work to do, but we hold that the future of German Studies as a discipline depends on that work—and we invite prospective graduate students to join us in reimagining the discipline for the 21st century.

The department offers courses across the spectrum of German Studies, including Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies, including Jewish Studies, Yiddish, Visual Studies, Gender Studies, film, theater, philosophy, transnationalism, and music history). Many of our faculty have additional appointments or affiliations in those and other departments, and students have the freedom to  pursue doctoral minors in many fields. You’ll find more information about the research interests of our faculty members at In addition to courses across this range of areas, the department hosts conferences (including the international Wisconsin Workshop and the student-organized Graduate Student Conference, as well as taking part in the rotation hosting the conference of the Society for Germanic Linguistics), offers access to a broad range of research centers (such as the Center for German and European Studies, the Center for Early Modern Studies, the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, and the Institute for Research in the Humanities), and participates in working groups (Mellon Workshops and graduate colloquia, among others). UW Madison is a leader in the teaching of World Languages, capable of offering instruction in more than 60 languages and organizing programs on the teaching and studying of language through the Language Institute.

Financial and institutional support at UW Madison extend beyond the writing of dissertations. We fund and mentor students through several years of coursework as they define and deepen their interests. Financial support is guaranteed for 5 years for students entering with a BA and 4 years for students entering with an MA, and is frequently extended beyond those guarantees. Students also receive support to attend both national and international conferences, such as German Studies Association (GSA); Women in German (WiG); Germanic Linguistics Association (GLA); American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL); American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Thanks to the mentoring of faculty and the collaborative climate among students, graduate students often publish in peer-reviewed journals before graduation, both as individual and with faculty or fellow-student co-authors. We further offer world-class language teacher training and professionalization in and beyond beginning language sequences, including course facilitator experience and teaching practica in faculty-taught courses. Students also have the opportunity to work as research or project assistants, including on the long-running journal Monatshefte. Finally, many students use summer or semester funding to spend time abroad, tailoring activities and programs to their research and professional interests.

Applications for Fall 2021 study are due January 2, 2021 and application fee waivers are available. Details on the application process and requirements can be found at

Please contact Graduate Program Coordinator Mark Mears ( with any questions about the application proces; for general questions about the program or the department contact Director of Graduate Studies Hannah Eldridge ( or Graduate Student Recruitment Chairs Ms. Lauren Cassidy  ( and Mr. Carsten Haas (



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