CFP: Participation through Language: Actors, Practices, Ideologies (17.01.2021)

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We are pleased to announce our first call for papers for the conference Participation through Language: Actors, Practices, Ideologies
to be held at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Applied Linguistics, in Winterthur, Switzerland, 25-26 March 2021.*

We hope to bring together European researchers, stakeholders and policy makers to discuss current projects and practices of linguistic enablement for society and the workplace. Furthermore, the conference provides an opportunity to establish a European network with a focus on social inclusion through language.
We invite experts as well as practitioners to submit abstracts up to 300 words, excluding title and references, for presentations. All proposals will be subject to a double-blind peer-review. The following formats will be offered: symposia, talks, round tables and poster presentations. For further details regarding requirements or formats, please visit our website.
All abstract submissions must be received by 17 January 2021 23:59 CET. Please submit your abstract through our conference website. A notification of acceptance will be sent by 7 February 2021.

Possible topics of submissions:

  • Language ideologies in discourse
  • Concepts of language, Role of language in migration policy, Language ideologies in educational policy discourse
  • Language promotion between inclusion and exclusion
  • Literacy and professional literacy, Plurilingualism, Teaching methods and teaching materials, Language assessment
  • Intercultural competence in linguistic practices
  • Intercultural communication and learning, Inclusion and inclusive language in institutions and professions, Social cohesion through language
  • Understandable communication between experts and laypersons
  • Comprehensibility, Inclusive knowledge societies, Professional communication

For general inquiries, please contact Brittany Rodriguez.

The Local Committee: Liana Konstantinidou, Brittany Rodriguez, Philipp Dreesen, Joachim Hoefele, Christiane Hohenstein, Jörg Keller Paul, Cerstin Mahlow, Ursula Stadler, Felix Steiner, Patrick Studer
*We do not know the future, but we can prepare. With Covid-19 affecting many planned meetings, it is important to be ready for contingencies, even though our conference is still a few months away. It is too early to make exact predictions, but rest assured that the planning for the first Participation through Language: Actors, Practices, Ideologies conference will proceed, while simultaneously making contingency plans for remote participation options. Therefore, you are encouraged to continue panel organisation and abstract submission. We will keep you informed about all further developments pertaining to the conference.


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