CFP [FRISTVERLÄNGERUNG]: 52nd Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association (08.05.2020)

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Due to the strange working conditions that we’re all adapting to, there has been a request for an extension of the NeMLA panel proposal deadline. The new deadline for panels, roundtables, etc. for the 52nd Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association is now May 8, 2020. I invite you all to submit a proposal over the coming week. Submit session proposals online here, and you’ll find clear instructions for the submission process here.


If you’ve never been to NeMLA before, I encourage you to join us! Our scholarship is diverse and engaging, and our participants interact with fellow scholars from myriad literary and linguistic traditions. Presenters come from all over the globe (we’re not limited to the Northeast!), but the conference also allows for unique interaction with colleagues in the Northeast. During times of shrinking enrollment and limited funds, this is an opportunity to share information about growing programs in the current university climate. 


Submitters are encouraged to submit session formats beyond the traditional panel, including but not limited to roundtables, creative sessions, and sessions with innovative uses of technology. 


German Studies


The German Studies area of inquiry promotes the study of all German-language literature and culture. Suggested areas and topics for panel proposals include but are not limited to: 


  • Cultural and literary trends in post-unification Germany, including film 
  • 20th-century German-language literature and culture 
  • 18th- and 19th-century German-language literature and culture 
  • Austrian literature, culture, and film 
  • Swiss-German literature, culture, and film 
  • Genre-focused approaches to literature and culture 
  • Author-focused approaches to literature and culture 
  • Transnationalism in literature and film 
  • Children and youth literature 
  • Comparative approaches to literature and culture 
  • Theoretical approaches to literature and culture 


In recent years, the German-language and literature section has been growing, attracting about 25 panels each year and involving a wide spectrum of faculty members of all ranks as well as graduate students. 


We would like to explicitly invite submission for panels of areas which have so far been underrepresented, including: 


  • Medieval and early modern literature and culture 
  • Afro-German literature and culture 
  • Disability 
  • Pedagogy, especially the teaching of literature and curricular development 


We welcome joint proposal submissions between faculty of various ranks and/or graduate students. 


Charles Vannette

University of New Hampshire

NeMLA Area Director of German


Let’s keep the German Area of NeMLA vibrant, innovative, and strong!


Charles Vannette

University of New Hampshire

German Area Director of NeMLA



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