ZS: The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory – vol. 95, no. 1 (2020)

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The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory

Volume 95 · Issue 1 (2020): German Exiles in Los Angeles

Edited by Willi Goetschel




Willi Goetschel: German Exiles in Los Angeles




Jeffrey L. High: From Hypotext to Hypertext and (Hyper-)Space Opera: Schiller’s “Don Karlos,” Verdi’s “Don Carlo,” and George Lucas’ “Star Wars”


Markus Wessendorf: Brecht in Los Angeles – “in this mausoleum of easy going”


Regina Range: The City of Angels through the Lens of Female Austrian-Jewish Exile Scriptwriters Vicki Baum, Salka Viertel, and Gina Kaus


Willi Goetschel: Adorno in the Palisades


Robert Blankenship: Christa Wolf’s Richard Neutra: Architecture, Psychoanalysis, and Southern California in “Stadt der Engel oder The Overcoat of Dr. Freud”




Matthew D. Miller: Julia Hell. The Conquest of Ruins: the Third Reich and the Fall of Rome. Chicago: UP Chicago, 2019.


Michael Swellander: Minou Arjomand. Staged: Show Trials, Political Theater, and the Aesthetics of Judgment. New York: Columbia University Press, 2018.


Xan Holt: Matthew D. Miller. The German Epic in the Cold War: Peter Weiss, Uwe Johnson, and Alexander Kluge. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2018.