CFP: (GSA 2020 panel) "German Studies on the Line or the Need for a Passionate Humanities", Washington, D.C. (02.02.2020)

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2020 German Studies Association Annual Conference

Washington, D.C.

October 1-4, 2020


Call for Proposals for a German Studies Association Panel


German Studies on the Line or the Need for a Passionate Humanities


The humanities are being engulfed by the industrial logic of efficiency that seems to be insatiable in today’s universities. Instead of exploring and explaining, today’s humanities are trapped within educational policies where only measurable output is validated. German Studies around the world are not exempt. German programs face major cuts in funding, some departments lose their graduate programs, teaching positions are frozen, and student enrollment numbers decrease drastically. 


In June 2019 a group of literary scholars, philosophers, and art historians met in Munich to discuss the current state of the humanities within the German and the North American university system. Our gathering in Munich was a first step to discuss ways to break free from the logic of efficiency in the humanities. We approached this crisis as a chance to actively think about our own discipline and its theoretic foundations, including the role of passion and emotion in the academy. In our panel at the GSA we will focus on what should be done specifically in German studies to turn this trend around. Knowledge or participation in our meeting in Munich is not necessary for participation in the GSA panel. 


We encourage paper proposals that entail but are not limited to the following questions: How do we incorporate emotion and passion in our field? How do we underline our significance? How do we stay an attractive field for students? What can we teach our students for their future that they don’t learn in other disciplines? Which communicative strategies do we need to communicate our particular insights to a broad audience? 


Please send an abstract (200-400 words) with a title and a short bio in either English or German to Stefan Bronner (, and Marcel Schmid ( by February 2nd, 2020. 


Presenters must be members of the German Studies Association by early February 2020.



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