STIP: Master Studentships in German at the University of Oxford (10.01.2020)

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Funded Master Studentships in German at the University of Oxford

The German Sub-Faculty of the Modern and Medieval Languages Faculty at the University of Oxford is pleased to invite applications for Masters research across the range of German Studies from the medieval period to the present day. German Studies in Oxford participates in the various Masters courses offered by the Modern Languages Faculty and the Humanities Division, which also include interdisciplinary courses such as Women’s Studies, Enlightenment Studies, Comparative Literature, and Medieval Studies ( Our Masters students benefit from excellent resources and support. An outline of the application process, with links to detailed information, can be found at:, and the research profiles of colleagues in German at:


Some funding for MSt and MPhil students is available through the University and its constituent colleges, including the Clarendon Fund. For students following a German pathway there are dedicated scholarships offered in Partnership with Lidl UK (Lidl Graduate Scholarship) and Bosch UK (Bosch 1+1), the latter offering the potential to combine an MSt in German with a highly sought-after MBA from the Said Business School.


For candidates wishing to be considered for funding, the deadline for applications is 10 January 2020. Information on these and all other funding opportunities can be found at: Anybody interested in applying (including comparative work with a German element) is very welcome to seek advice from the German Graduate Convenor, Prof. Barry Murnane (




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