STIP: Katritzky Foundation-Heath Harrison Doctoral Scholarship in German, University of Oxford

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Katritzky Foundation-Heath Harrison Scholarship in German,  St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford


Funding is available to a doctoral student in German Studies (literary history, art history, history of ideas, history of aesthetics) who will address one of the following possible topics: Anglo-German cultural transfer in the late-Enlightenment and/or Romantic periods (e.g. transfer and productive reception of literary and scientific culture); Literature and Science (e.g. electricity, chemistry and literary innovation); Romanticism and its reception of Enlightenment ideas; Writers and scholars (e.g. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg) as scientific and cultural intermediaries.  The funding will cover all course fees and will provide a maintenance grant to cover living expenses during the three-year funding period. No additional application materials other than the standard Oxford application procedures will be required, applications which meet the terms and conditions above will be identified as eligible for consideration.

For more information on the scholarship and German Studies in Oxford more generally, please contact For more information on St Catherine’s College see  St Catherine’s College. For more information on graduate studies in Oxford and the application process see




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