STIP: Post-doc research fellowship, Trier Center for Language and Communication (15.10.2019)

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Post-doc research fellowship starting 01.01.2020

Applications are invited for a post-doc research fellowship in the joint research project Patterns. Linguistic Creativity and Variation in Synchrony and Diachrony within the framework of the Rhineland-Palatinate funded research initiative 2019-2023. The fellowship is for one year in the first instance with the option of a twelve-month extension.

The joint project brings together a broad range of interdisciplinary research in the Linguistics departments at Trier University (English Studies, German Studies, Classical Philology, Yiddish Studies, Romance Studies, Sinology, Slavic Studies, Computational Linguistics and Phonetics), at the same time interfacing with neighbouring disciplines such as Media Studies, Psychology and Statistics. The aim of the research programme is, on the basis of a quite deliberately broadbased pattern concept, to conduct empirical research beyond established disciplinary boundaries, and to develop an applicable theory of linguistic patterning. The topic is at the centre of theoretical debate in present-day linguistics and related sciences which have, particularly in recent years, received significant impulses through the development of new research methods (for instance, the use of large digital corpora and the application of machine-learning algorithms). The Trier project is distinguished by 1) the variety of languages investigated, 2) the combination of the diachronic and synchronic perspectives, 3) the plurality of methods (quantitative, qualitative, experimental), and 4) the thematic design, whereby the focus is not on either patterning or creativity and variation, but on the interplay between all three aspects.

The fellowship is available for a research project in one of the areas described above. In the first year the stipendiary is expected to draw up and submit an application for external funding for his/her own project (e.g. in the format DFG (German Research Foundation) Research Grant/ own position/ early-career research group or similar). If approved, the project will be based in Trier. Interdisciplinary projects are particularly welcome. The stipendiary must be present during the working week, participate in the joint research project´s activities and write a concluding report within the scholarship period. Academic part-time work is permitted provided it does not exceed eight hours a week and a maximum of €450 a month. Work in excess of this is subject to approval by the project´s board.

Requirements are a PhD in Linguistics in one of the subjects above as well as relevant publications in the field of pattern research.

The post-doc fellowship is €1,900 a month, supplemented by initial funding for the project setup (support staff, travel expenses etc.). Child allowance is payable in accordance with DFG regulations at €400 for the first child, increasing by €100 per month for each further child. For those eligible see §2, section 1 of the Federal Law on Family Allowances.

Applicants should submit the following:

 CV with details of academic career

 List of publications

 Copies of school and university diplomas

 Exposé of the applicant´s research project (approx. 5 pages including time schedule and plan of work, in either English or German) clearly indicating how it is related to the overall theme of the joint project

The exposé should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction to the project, its aim and central issue

2. Current state of research

3. Applicant´s previous work,

4. Plan of work and time schedule

5. Relation to the Trier joint project „Patterns“

6. Literature cited

The names and contact information of two potential referees, who would be willing to write a report on the applicant´s qualifications and academic potential. All documents relating to the application should be sent - by 15th October 2019 - in digital form, in a single PDF file - to

Prof. Dr. Sabine Arndt-Lappe

Universität Trier

Fachbereich II/Anglistik

D-54286 Trier


There are two stages to the selection procedure: suitable candidates are chosen from the written applications. These are then invited to introduce themselves personally to the board.

Further information on the homepage: If you have any further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Sabine Arndt-Lappe ( or Prof. Dr. Natalia Filatkina (

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