CFP: Performing Resistance - Special Issue of Feminist German Studies (11.10.2019)

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Call for Proposals: “Performing Resistance” a Special Issue of Feminist German Studies


Guest Editors: Sara E. Jackson and Caroline Weist


Deadline for Proposals: Friday, October 11 2019


The performing arts, as well as strategies drawn from them, have been deployed for centuries in Germanic regions and countries explicitly to solidify and therefore also to challenge ideals of belonging, the body, and selfhood. Over time, the focus of performance and its practices in those cultures has grown to encompass myriad aspects of subjectivity — from nationality to gender, race, class, ability, sexuality, and beyond. Because of this history, performance holds a uniquely powerful potential for enacting resistance to socio-cultural, political, and economic structures in the German context.


This special issue of Feminist German Studies will investigate past and possible future manifestations of performance, using a broad conception of performance as a fundamental category in the formation and subversion of normative identities, political and economic structures, and/or other oppressive systems, institutions, or practices. Performance encompasses not only material traditionally considered performing arts, such as theater, dance, and film, but also and equally other kinds of stagings and performance acts, such as those examined by historians, philosophers, and political scientists. Indeed, performance is everywhere: on the stage, on the street, on the playing field, on the campaign trail, in everyday practices and behaviors, even on a hard drive. By taking such an interdisciplinary approach, the issue will explore the potential for performance practices and theories on and off the page to resist hegemonic and chauvinist paradigms and to advance intersectional feminist scholarship, teaching, and activism.


We invite proposals for individual or co-authored papers or performance-based research projects that engage with areas of intersectional feminist inquiry related to material, practical, methodological, and/or theoretical considerations of Performing Resistance. This may include (but is certainly not limited to):


  • the role of performance practices and theories in the production of and/or resistance to normative subject positions

  • research methodologies for recovering lost or erased performing subjects and subjects of performance in historiography, i.e., resistance to hegemonic historical practices

  • performance pedagogies that examine and/or enact modes of resistance in the classroom

  • specific categories of identity and identity politics in performance such as race, gender, sexuality, ability, nationality, and socio-economic status

  • performance-based practices that enact and promote intersectional feminist teaching and learning


Proposals of approximately 500 words should describe the contribution and its significance for intersectional feminist studies.





By October 11, 2019: Send 500-word proposal and short author bio/s to and


Late October, 2019: Decision notification from editors


January 31, 2020: Full manuscripts due for editorial and peer review


The special issue is scheduled to appear in July 2021.


Send questions to:

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