CFP: NeMLA/Boston: Through the Looking Glass: Spaces of the Fantastic as Reflections on the Present (30.09.2019)

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This panel aims to explore the representation of literary spaces in European literature of the fantastic. With portraits of imaginary cities and landscapes, across centuries and national traditions, the fantastic has offered escapism and entertainment, but it has also profoundly shaped the imagination of readers in the perception of their own realities. The goal of this panel is to understand and articulate the extent to which literature of the fantastic has opened up possibilities for reflecting on the present and, ultimately, to identify the tools it provides us for untangling and deciphering the contradictions of contemporary societies. 

The panel is open to interdisciplinary and transnational papers in German, French, Italian, and Spanish literature. Possible topics may include:

            • Utopia/Dystopia

            • Imaginary places

            • Alternative realities

            • Science fiction

            • Inner spaces

            • Speculative fiction

            • Alternative histories

            • Experimental writing

            • Particular national traditions of the fantastic

The deadline for submitting a proposal is September 30, 2019. Please submit your abstract through the NeMLA website at this link:

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