KONF: Germany From the Outside, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (20.-21.09.2019)

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On September 20-21, 2019, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will host a conference on Germany From the Outside. Speakers will bring current debates about curricular and institutional issues together with discussions about the relation between nation, language, and culture. Just as “Germany” has never been one discrete entity, “German culture” and “German language” have never been the property of one ethnic or national group. The conference speakers will present work on perspectives on Germany that emanate, in one way or another, from outside the borders of Germany itself. This includes work on: authors who write in German but are not actually German themselves; on how literature produces reflections on the changing nature of the nation-state; or on authors who live in Germany but are in some way "outsiders." Located at the nexus of cultural, political, historiographical, and philosophical discourses, the talks will inform our institutional discussions about next directions for our discipline. Speakers include Claudia Breger (Columbia), Venkat Mani (Wisconsin), Scott Spector (Michigan), Gizem Arslan (Southern Methodist), Carl Niekerk (Illinois), Paul Michael Lützeler (Washington U-St. Louis), Bettina Brandt (Pennsylvania State), and Veronika Füchtner (Dartmouth). 

Germany From the Outside is this year's topic for the annual conference of the American Friends of Marbach (AFM), a support organization for the German Literature Archive (Deutsches Literaturarchiv) in Marbach, Germany. The AFM Board holds its annual meeting at the conference; this year's meeting will take place on September 21, 2019, after the conference proper concludes. 

More information is on the conference website at https://germanyfromtheoutside.weebly.com. The organizer is Laurie Johnson, University of Illinois (lruthjoh@illinois.edu).


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