ZS: The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory – vol. 93, no. 4 (2018) [Correction]

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The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory

Volume 93 · Issue 4 (2018): Sound Figures

Edited by Anders Engberg-Pedersen & Oliver Simons



Anders Engberg-Pedersen & Oliver Simons: Sound Figures: Between Physics and Aesthetics


Steven P. Lydon: Signatura rerum: Chladni’s Sound Figures in Schelling, August Schlegel, and Brentano

Anders Engberg-Pedersen: The Sense of Tact: Hoffmann, Maelzel, and Mechanical Music

Michael Karlsson Pedersen: Lover of Music, Enemy of Stone: Toward a Material Modernity of Stimmung

Ross Shields: “Nonsense, wherein there is Method”: Wittgenstein on Music and Language


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