ZS: Cine-Excess special issue "'Mark of the Devil': International Perspectives on a Cult Classic"

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"Mark of the Devil: International Perspectives on a Cult Classic"

Special issue of the Cine-Excess e-journal (http://www.cine-excess.co.uk)


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the launch of "Mark of the Devil: International Perspectives on a Cult Classic", a special issue of the Cine-Excess e-journal. The issue contains a range of exciting essays about the infamous German exploitation film Mark of the Devil (Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält, Michael Armstrong, 1970) that engage with horror cinema and sound, Georges Bataille’s philosophy of transgression, issues of filmic space, the representation of sexualised pain from a theological point of view, marketing, censorship and the performance of authorship. In addition to conference and festival reviews, this special edition features an extensive interview with Joyce and Percy Hoven, the widow and son of Austrian actor and filmmaker Adrian Hoven, who was a driving force behind the production of Mark of the Devil.

Best regards,

Andreas Ehrenreich (PhD candidate, Sheffield Hallam University)
Julian Petley (Professor of Screen Media, Brunel University London)


Introduction by Andreas Ehrenreich and Julian Petley
Horror Movies as Witchful Thinking: False Society, Fake Films, Phonic Forces and Other Hexed Issues in Cinema 1922–2012​ by Drehli Robnik
Is Mark of the Devil an Example of Transgressive Cinema? Georges Bataille’s Philosophy of Transgression and the Cinema of the 1970s by Marcus Stiglegger
Mark of the Devil: Topographical and Topological Perspectives by Deniz Bayrak and Sarah Reininghaus
Christ the Victim and the Representation of Sexualised Pain: A Feminist/Queer Theological Reading of Mark of the Devil by Gianluigi Gugliermetto
Spectatorship and Punishment: The Tension Between Macabre Voyeurism and Moral Impulse in Mark of the Devil by Bálint Kovács and Judit Szabó
“After the Sex Wave the Hex Wave?” The German Marketing of Mark of the Devil by Andreas Ehrenreich
Witchfinding in General and the Censors by Julian Petley
Mark of the AuteurMark of the Devil’s Blu-Ray Release and the Cult of Authorship by Michael Fuchs​
Grindhouse Nostalgia: The Exploitation Film Career of Adrian Hoven Interview by Uwe Huber

Spectacular Now: The Politics of the Contemporary Spectacle Conference Report by Kilian Schmidt
Fantasia Turns Twenty: The Return of the Retro Aesthetic Review by Donato Totaro