KONF: Corrections for: International Conference: “What’s next?!” Hype and Hope from Human Reproductive Cloning to Genome Editing, Turin (06.-07.07.2017)

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July 6-7, 2017 Turin (Italy)
Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
The conference is funded by the Andrea von Braun Stiftung, Munich (Germany).

Organizers: Dr. Solveig Lena Hansen (University Medical Center Göttingen) & Dr. Maurizio Balistreri (Torino University)
Free of charge, registration required by June 30, 2017 at maurizio.balistreri@unito.it

Debates on assisted reproduction and embryo research are being revived through genome editing, artificial gametes, and mitochondrial donation. These technologies initiate discussions that involve the scientists themselves. However, the self-regulatory concern of science was already existent during historic events between the 1960s and 1970s. Also a proposed need for regulation holds for past events such as the birth of Louise Brown and Dolly the Sheep. In this debate, the technological promises are balanced against risks for future generations; which resembles similar patterns of arguments that were triggered after earlier inventions. Science fiction never stopped bringing individual and collective issues of these technologies to the public. Films and novels counter hard facts with stories of vulnerable and affected subjects addressing potential consequences, side effects, and risks of biotechnologies. Our conference focuses on moral issues in both current and past debates for the purpose of learning from disruptions of ‘hype and hope’ for future debates on reproductive technologies. With an analysis of social conflicts and cultural paradigms that are negotiated in the representational arts, we aim at understanding how stories can help shape moral arguments and ethical evaluation.

09:30 Maurizio Mori | Torino University | Italy 
09:45 Maurizio Balistreri | Torino University | Italy & Solveig Lena Hansen | University Medical Center Göttingen | Germany          
“Moral and Fictional Discourses on Reproductive Techniques and Genetic Engineering”

Session 1: Reflecting Moral Issues
Chair: Vera Tripodi | Torino University | Italy
10:15  Daniela Cutas | Umeå University | Sweden
“Sci-Fi Parenthood and the End of Love”
11:15  Anna Smajdor | University of Oslo |  Norway
“Brain Dead Gestation: a Feasible Alternative to  Ectogenesis”
11:45  Robert Ranisch | Tübingen University | Germany
“Genome Editing and Eugenics: Different Narratives and what we Can Learn from the Past”
12:15  Discussion of Session 1

Public Event
Keynote I:
15:30 Demetrio Neri | University of Messina | Italy 
“The International Debate on Genome Editing”
17:00  Francesco Verso | Writer, Rome | Italy
“How to Select Moral Issues for Science Fiction   Stories”
18:00  Carl Gerber | Screenwriter, Berlin |  Germany & Nana McLean | Biologist, Berlin | Germany
“Youterus - Design and Discussion for the Future of  Pregnancy”

Friday, July 7, 2017
Keynote II:
09:30  Maria Aline Salgueiro de Seabra Ferreira |  University of Aveiro | Portugal
“The Disappearing Mother in Science Fiction and Utopia: The Promises and Perils of Ectogenesis”

Session 2: Bioethics and Science Fiction 
Chair: Matteo Galletti | Firenze University | Italy
10:45  Carola Barbero | Torino University | Italy “Today it’s Fiction, Tomorrow it Will be Real: The Challenge of Science Fiction to Aristotle’s   Definition”
11:15  Mirko D. Garasic | IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca | Italy
“The Evolution of Physical Enhancement in Cinematography”
11:45  Discussion of Session 2

Session 3: (Re)Constructing Genes – (Re)Constructing Debates
Chair: Silvia Zullo | Bologna University | Italy
14:30  Antonella Ficorilli | Bioethicist, Ph.D. | Rome| Italy & Fabrizio Rufo | Sapienza University of  Rome | Italy
“Public Trust in New Genome Editing Techniques:  Responsible Conduct of Research and Governance Policies”
15:00  Oliver Feeney | National University of  Galway| Ireland
“Editing the Debate: Critically Assessing the Nor mative Reactions to Gene-Editing”
16:00  Ari Schick | Tel Aviv University | Israel
“New Metaphors for Old Dilemmas: Genome Editing and the Perils of Anticipatory Bioethics”
16:30  Discussion of Session 3
Concluding Remarks
17:00  Solveig Lena Hansen | University Medical Center Göttingen | Germany & Maurizio Balistreri | Torino University | Italy
“… and what’s next?!” - Summary and Future Directions by Organizers
18:00 End of the Conference

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