KONF: Refugees from Nazism to Britain in Trade, Industry and Engineering | London (13.-14.09.2023)

Jane Lewin Discussion

School of Advanced Study, University of London


Refugees from Nazism to Britain in Trade, Industry and Engineering

Booking is now open for the 2023 Triennial Conference of the
Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies to be held
in person at the University of London, Senate House, London WC1E 7HU
(online participation also possible)


Wednesday, 13 September 2023

09:00    Welcome and Introduction
Anthony Grenville (RCGAES), Charles Burdett (ILCS) and John Goldsmith (son of Mac Goldsmith [Max Goldschmidt], founder of Metallastik)
09:45    Andrea Hammel (Aberystwyth University/RCGAES): Would They Much Rather Have Gone to London? Innovation and Integration amongst Refugee Industrialists Resettling in Wales
10:15    Rachel Pistol (King’s College London/RCGAES): Internment and the Possibility of Release Through Working in Industry
10:45    Discussion

10:55    Coffee

11:15    Felicitas Starr-Egger (Imperial College London): Patents and Inventions: a Way Out of Internment?
11:45    Simon Parkin (Independent Researcher): Spy School or Technical College? The Mystery of House 36, Hutchinson Square

12:15    Parallel Sessions
1. Miriam David (University College London): Curt Ludwig David: A German-Jewish Refugee and Machine Tool Engineer
2. Tony Morgan (Anglia Ruskin): How Refugees from Nazism Enlightened British Leisure Time
12:45    Discussion

12:55    Lunch (own arrangements)

14:00    Parallel Sessions
1. Esther Saraga (Open University): Wolja Saraga – Scientist or Engineer? How This Distinction Affected His Experiences in the UK
2. Adam Ganz (Royal Holloway, University of London): ‘So little time’: How the Textile Company Morton Sundour Saved the Ganz Family from Mainz in 1938

14:30    Gabriele Anderl (Independent Researcher): How to Succeed in Britain: Refugee Art and Antiquarian Dealers
15:00    Discussion

15:10    Tea

15:30    Tiffany Beebe (University of Colorado, Boulder/via Zoom): Trade and Industry in the Special Areas of England
16:00    Jörg Thunecke (Cologne/via Zoom): Arisierung und Liquidierung des Rauchwarenhandels in Leipzig-Brühl ab 1933 16:30    Nick Russell (Imperial College London): Londex: Submarines, Belisha Beacons and the Festival of Britain?
17:00    Discussion

Thursday, 14 September 2023

09:30    Jonathan Aylen (University of Manchester): Separating Force: Ludwig Loewy, the Foundation of Loewy Engineering in the UK and the Aryanisation of Schloemann, Düsseldorf
10:00    Richard Treuherz (Independent Researcher): The Story of Lanctan: an Important Refugee Enterprise in Littleborough, Lancashire (Part 1)
10:30    Deborah Jaffe (Independent Researcher): The Story of Lanctan: From Army Boots to High Fashion Leathers (Part 2)
11:00    Discussion

11:10    Coffee

11:30    Rob David (Independent Researcher) and Steve Richardson (Kendal College): Werner David and the Invention of a Dewatering Fluid in 1944, Ensis 256
12:00    Charmian Brinson (Imperial College London/RCGAES): ‘An Inspiration to Us All’: Ira Rischowski as a Champion of Women in Engineering
12:30    Daniel Roback (University of Southampton): Hans Reik and Isopad – My Czech Great-Grandfather’s Electrical Heating Company
13:00    Discussion

13:10    Lunch (own arrangements)

14:30    Sheila Lecoeur (Imperial College London): Guido Pontecorvo, an Italian Refugee Scientist and the Commercial Legacy of his Research
15:00    Cathryn Enis (University of Birmingham): Tibor Reich in Warwickshire: the Business of Design
15:30    Simon Willey (Independent Researcher): Erno Goldfinger and Easiwork Furniture Elements
16:00    Discussion

16:10    Tea

16:30    Shijie Guo (Xinyang University, China): Ernst Chain and the Emergence of the Antibiotic Industry
17:00    Anna Nyburg (Imperial College London/RCGAES): Emil Rich, Glovemaker: Chemnitz, Coronation and Cockpits
17:30    Closing Discussion

19:00    At Imperial College London, Sherfield Building Level 3, South Kensington Campus, Prince Consort Road, SW7 2BB
Max Goldschmidt, Refugee Engineer and his Aviation and Transport Successes (exhibition opening and drinks)

The organisers are grateful to the Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Trust for supporting this conference.

For further details, fees, and registration: https://ilcs.sas.ac.uk/events/refugees-nazism-britain-trade-industry-and-engineering


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