KONF: Soil – Dirt – Earth: Ecologies below Ground, 1750–1850, Passau (22.-23.06.2023)

Frederike Middelhoff Discussion

Soil – Dirt – Earth: Ecologies below Ground, 1750–1850


22 – 23 June 2023, University of Passau, ITZ Building


Organised by
Katharina Boehm (University of Passau)
Paul Hamann-Rose (University of Passau)
Frederike Middelhoff (Goethe-University Frankfurt)


Wednesday, 21 June

19:00                 Conference Warming 

Thursday, 22 June

9:30                   Welcome and Introduction (Katharina Boehm, Paul Hamann-Rose, Frederike Middelhoff)

10:00-11:00      Susan Oliver (Essex, UK): Life below Ground: James Hutton, Theories of the Earth, and Imagined Animals 

11:00-12:00      Timothy Attanucci (Mainz, GER): Earth as (Once) Living Environment: George Cuvier’s Fossil Reconstructions

12:00-12:15      Coffee

12:15 -1315      Oliver Völker (Frankfurt, GER): “Travelled Materials”: Earth, Soil, and Economic Productivity in Hutton and Lyell

13:15                 Lunch

14:30-15:30      Philipp Erchinger (Düsseldorf, GER): Grave Culture: Wordsworth’s Groundwork 

15:30-16:30      Will Abberley (Sussex, UK): Geological Raptures and Spiritual Sustainability in Hugh Miller’s The Old Red Sandstone

16:30-17:00      Coffee

17:00-18:00      Mira Shah (Bern, CH/Frankfurt, GER): “Testimony of the Soil”: Archaeological  Ecologies and the Discovery of Human Prehistory

20:00                 Dinner


Friday, 23rd June

10:00-11:00      Tess Somervell (Oxford, UK): Earth’s Histories and Futures in Jago’s  Edge-Hill

11:00-12:00      Mary-Ann Constantine (Cardiff, UK): Gashes in the Landscape: Mines, Quarries and Peatlands in Romantic-Era Tours of Britain

12:00-13:00      Lunch

13:.30-14:30     Jim Scown (Cardiff, UK): Science, Poetry, and the “Celestial Soil” of Romantic Ecology 

14:30-15:30      Jos Smith (Norwich, UK): “Stories of the Soil”: Contemporary Nature Writing’s Romantic Moderns

15:30                 Closing remarks / Coffee

16:00-18:00      City Tour

20:00                 Dinner

Further info can be found here: https://romantikforschung.uni-frankfurt.de/soil-dirt-earth-ecologies-below-ground/

Please send an email to Lehrstuhl.Boehm@uni-passau.de if you’re interested in attending the event.