ANN: Publication Notification: TRANSIT 13.2

Elizabeth Sun Discussion

Dear Readers,

It is my privilege to present the second issue of the thirteenth volume of TRANSIT on Archival Engagement. I invite you to browse through this exciting issue, which makes important interventions in archival practices surrounding migration and multilingualism. The contributions to this issue’s Special Section on Turkish German Archive(s) also shed new light on the continued interventions of Turkish German voices in memory studies and practices of the archive. I am excited to present translations of two important contemporary German-language authors, Ilija Trojanow and Lena Gorelik, who write frequently on migration and multiculturalism in Germany, and reviews on books by Kristin Dickinson and Caroline Rupprecht. 

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Managing Editor
Elizabeth Sun

Feature Articles

Counterarchives, Appropriation and the Disobedient Gaze: Archival Structures in Ursula Biemann’s Contained Mobility and Charles Heller’s & Lorenzo Pezzani’s Death by Rescue 
Anna-Maria Senuysal

Paranoia als Migrationsdelirium und Vermittlungswahn um 1900: Zu den Aufzeichnungen von Anton Wenzel Grosz
Elena Meilicke

Special Cluster: Turkish German Archive(s) 

Introduction: Reexamining Turkish German Archive(s)
Ela Gezen and Mert Bahadir Reisoglu

Archival Dispersals: Literary Magazines as Mobile and Fragmentary Archives
Mert Bahadir Reisoglu

Memory Meetings: Semra Ertan’s Ausländer and the Practice of the Migrant Archive
Sultan Doughan

The Digital Archive of Diaspora: Blogging (Post)Migration
Linda Maeding

“Almanya: A [Different] Future is Possible:” Defying Narratives of Return in Fatma Aydemir’s Ellbogen
Jon Cho-Polizzi

Escaping the Hamster Wheel: Creative Remembrance in Traveling Archives
Deniz Göktürk

Translations & Book Reviews

After Flight
Ilija Trojanow
Translated by Ambika Athreya

Lena Gorelik
Translated by Nathan Modlin

BOOK REVIEW: Asian Fusion by Caroline Rupprecht 
reviewed by Qingyang Freya Zhou

BOOK REVIEW: DisOrientations by Kristin Dickinson
reviewed by Ambika Athreya

I would also like to extend my appreciation to this year’s editorial board for offering their critical feedback. Special thanks to Deniz Göktürk and Tony Kaes for their tireless guidance throughout the publishing process. TRANSIT is excited to continue its mission of publishing peer-reviewed, open-source digital research, translations, and art.This issue was made possible through the generous support of the UC Berkeley Department of German. 

Finally, I would like to warmly welcome Sean Lambert as my Co-Managing Editor for the upcoming issues and beyond. We are excited to pave a future for TRANSIT that continues to thrive on its digital platform. To begin, we invite you to follow our new Instagram page @transitjournalberkeley. Please also refer back to our website for updates on CfP’s and new projects.


Elizabeth Sun
Managing Editor