KONF: 52nd Wisconsin Workshop: Dis/Continuities: German Studies and Beyond, Madison (30.10.22)

Sonja Klocke Discussion

“Dis/Continuities: German Studies and Beyond”:

The 52nd Wisconsin Workshop, University of WI–Madison

A Conference in Honor of Marc Silberman

September 30 and October 1, 2022, Pyle Center

Organizers: Sonja E. Klocke and Sabine Gross

Co-hosted by the German Program, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic plus (GNS+) and the Center for German and European Studies (CGES)

Free and open to the public

Conference languages: English and German

Friday, Sept. 30

8:30 am -                      Coffee/refreshments


9:15 am                        Conference Welcome:

Sonja Klocke (Director, Center for German and European Studies; Department of German,

Nordic, and Slavic+) and Sabine Gross, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+

                        Sue Zaeske, Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities

                        Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, Chair, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic


9:30–11:45 am  Roundtable I: Memory

Brigitte Jirku

Universitat de València

Memory and the Literary Re-semantization of Buchenwald

Stephan Pabst

Universität Halle

Goethe nach Buchenwald. Über einen Satz Richard Alewyns

Short coffee break

Short coffee break

Stephan Jaeger

University of Manitoba

From the Holocaust and Second World War to Human Rights: Contemporary Museums between History and Activism in Germany and Beyond

Anke Pinkert

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Post-1989 Memory, Protest Movements, Alternative Solidarities

Justin Court

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Intersection of Memory Studies and Video Games

Commentator: Brandon Bloch, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Moderator: Stefan Soldovieri, University of Toronto

11:45 am–2 pm Lunch break

2–5 pm             Roundtable II: Contemporary Theater and Performance: Brecht and Beyond

Sara Freeman

University of Puget Sound

Galileo in Shanghai


Matt Cornish

Ohio University

The Berliner Ensemble Today

Kristopher Imbrigotta

University of Puget Sound

Brecht and Nature? Finding the Ecological Thread


Short coffee break

Short coffee break

Jack Davis

Truman State U.

Tensions between Brechtian Verfremdung and Psychoanalytic Approaches to Aesthetics

Teresa Kovacs

Indiana University

Entangled Stages: On Passages, Diffraction, and

Pre-mitation in Contemporary Theatre

Pnevmonidou, Elena

University of Victoria

Decolonizing Brecht


Commentator: Katrin Sieg, Georgetown University

Moderator: Martin Kagel, University of Georgia


5-5:15 pm                     Coffee break


5:15-6:15 pm                Keynote Address

Naika Foroutan, Humboldt University, Berlin:

(P)Ost-Migrantische Analogien? A Triple German Entanglement and its

Consequences for Understanding the New Germany (in English)

Followed by Reception                         


Saturday, Oct 1

8:30 am                        Coffee/refreshments


9–11:15 am                  Roundtable III: (Re-)Presenting East Germany

Ofer Ashkenazi

Hebrew University

Anti-Heimat Cinema from Weimar to the GDR


April Eisman

Iowa State University

Angela Hampel and the Alternative Scene in East Germany

Short coffee break

Short coffee break

Tobias Hering


Selective affinities: Die USA-Beziehungen des Staatlichen Filmarchivs der DDR

Mariana Ivanova

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Film Stories: From Kuhle Wampe to Mother Courage


Benjamin Robinson

Indiana University

Affective and Intellectual Configurations in GDR Culture

Commentator: Sabine Hake, University of Texas, Austin

Moderator: Hunter Bivens, University of California–Santa Cruz


11:15–11:30 am                        Coffee break    


11:30-12:45 pm            Roundtable IV: Performing Migration  

Ela Gezen

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Cultures in Migration

Rebekka Grossmann

Hebrew University

German-Jewish Photography and Global Mobility: Lotte Errell’s Humanitarian Camera

Karolina May-Chu

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Performing Border Poetics

Commentator: Pam Potter, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Moderator: Jill Twark, East Carolina University


12:45–2:30 pm  Lunch break


2:30–4:30 pm              Roundtable V (virtual format): Brechtian Theater and Brecht in Theater:

 a Transnational View 

2:30 pm zoom greetings to Marc Silberman, followed by:

Tom Kuhn

Oxford University

The Origins of Epic Theatre in the Renaissance?

Janine Ludwig

Bremen University

Brecht, Müller, and the Significance of US German Studies for their Reception

Matthias Rothe

University of Minnesota/Graz

Archeology with Brecht – Thomas Heise's DDR

Markus Wessendorf

University of Hawaii

From Class to Race: Nina Simone's Interpretation of Brecht/Weill's 'Pirate Jenny’

Commentator (non-virtual): Stephen Brockmann, Carnegie Mellon University

Moderator (non-virtual): Florence Vatan, University of Wisconsin–Madison


4:30–5 pm                    Coffee break                


5–6 pm                         Public Reading by Tanja Dückers, Berlin

                                    Followed by concluding comments (Sonja Klocke, Sabine Gross, Marc Silberman)



Sponsors funding this conference:

German Program, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic plus (GNS+)

Center for German and European Studies (CGES)

Anonymous Fund

Mosse Program in History

European Studies

Department of History

Center for Visual Cultures

Department of Communication Arts