CFP: NeMLA 2023, Teaching Lexis in Contemporary German Curricula, Niagara Fall, NY (30.09.2022)

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Northeastern Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Niagara Fall, NY - March 23-26

Teaching Lexis in Contemporary German Curricula (Panel)

This session will discuss approaches to teaching lexis in various current formats of and approaches to German language curricula - e.g., content-based instruction, high-frequency vocabulary, or open educational resource materials - in order to share contextual challenges and best practices. How do self-study techniques interface with the instructed curriculum? How do instructors utilize principles such as spaced repetition, frequency, or authentic examples inside or outside the classroom? What criteria drive glossing and definitional practices for textbook materials and additional textual/audio/visual materials? How do these practices and considerations influence or surface in assessment? These and other questions are welcome from instructors of German language, literature, and other topics taught in the target language.

Interested parties should submit abstracts of maximum 300 words by September 30, 2022 here: For additional information of questions please contact Adam Oberlin,



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