ZS: Konturen 12: Feminism, Theory, Film

Martin Klebes Discussion

Konturen 12

Feminism, Theory, Film: Critical Intersections in the Practice and Theorization of Experimental Filmmaking since the 1970s

Edited by Sonja Boos (†)


The latest issue of the interdisciplinary journal Konturen (housed in the Department of German & Scandinavian at the University of Oregon) presents a close look into how feminist cinema from the 1970s to the present has established itself as an alternative to mainstream filmmaking through innovative and creative use of new media technologies and approaches to visual narrative. Reaching across different genres and traditions, this special issue treats the porosity of borders separating cinematic and other visual practices and theory, the typecasting of actresses and political quietism, and the staging of emotional uncertainty and the culture of commodification surrounding it.

We invite you to have a look, read, reflect, and enjoy!





Jenny Lin on Asian-American and transnational German feminist performance art by artists kate-hers RHEE and Patty Chang


Annette Brauerhoch on Recha Jungmann’s 1979 film Something Hurts


Dorothee Ostmeier on recent experimental short films by Lina Sieckmann und Miriam Gossing


Giovanna Zapperi on Delphine Seyrig’s career as a filmmaker and an activist


Filmmaker and film scholar Julia Lesage in conversation with Sonja Boos


Lucy Reynolds, Women Artists, Feminism, and the Moving Image (Bloomsbury, 2019) reviewed by Jillian Vasko


Genevieve Yue, Girl Head: Feminism and Film Materiality (Fordham University Press, 2020), reviewed by Ying Sze Pek



Redaktion: Constanze Baum – Lukas Büsse – Mark-Georg Dehrmann – Nils Gelker – Markus Malo – Alexander Nebrig – Johannes Schmidt

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