Digital Libraries, Archives & Projects

Digital Libraries

Digital Library of the University of Cluj-Napoca
The digital library contains books, manuscripts, periodicals, and iconographic materials from the "Lucian Blaga" Central University Library collection at the University of Cluj-Napoca (BCU-Cluj). Materials deal primarily with Transylvania and Cluj.

Research Projects & Resources

"The Memorial of Deportation"
The project addresses the issue of communist deportation, a “second Gulag” as Nicolas Werth has called it, through witness memories. The deportation phenomenon is explored through a documentary, a book, an internet site, a conference, and debates dedicated to deportation.

"Cooperativa G"
"Cooperativa G" (i.e. The Gusti Cooperative) is an online platform whose main purpose is to make available in the online environment the social and oral history research of and about the Sociological School of Bucharest (also known as the Gusti School [Școala gustiană]) and more generally the social sciences in Romania. All texts and materials available in the site are protected by copyright and shall not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or published without the written approval of the "Cooperativa G" team. Also, the materials available for download cannot be processed or used for commercial purposes.

Art Collections

Tyler Collection of Romanian and Modern Art, University of Tasmania Fine Art Collection
The Tyler Collection of Romanian and Modern Art comprises more than 1500 items, including paintings, works on paper, sculptures, ceramics, religious icons, books, catalogues, posters, photographs, research essays, and letters. In 2013, the Collection was generously gifted to the University of Tasmania by Geoffrey and Frances Tyler. It is a rich and diverse collection consisting primarily of communist-era Romanian art, but also contains artworks from Australia, Europe, Africa and the US. The Collection allows us a glimpse into the artistic activity occurring under Romanian communist rule of the 1970s and 80s. It is an extraordinary assemblage to have travelled out of that time and place, and adds a profound cultural dimension to the University of Tasmania's Fine Art Collection.