New publication: Konzepte des Kollektiven [Concepts of the collective]

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Spiegelungen. Zeitschrift für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte Südosteuropas

[„Spiegelungen“: Journal for German Culture and History of Southeastern Europe]


Heft 2/2020, Jg. 15, Verlag Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg

[Volume 15, Issue 2 (2020), published by Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg]


The concept of German "ethnic groups" outside the closed German language area in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe resulted in linguistic group designations for these regional entities. The authors of issue 2.20 of "Spiegelungen" first analyse digital language data to investigate conceptual histories. Using the examples of the "Buchenland Germans", the "Bessarabian Germans", the "Galician Germans" and the "Carpathian Germans", they then examine concepts of the collective in relation to the Germans in Southeastern Europe. Other academic contributions focus on Upper German settlements in Transcarpathia and the Banat, the "Multilingualism Network", the Dictionary of Hungarian German Dialects and a special case of post-war deportations from Hungary to the USSR.

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