Recently completed dissertations and theses

We list below the recently completed dissertations and theses by members of our network, representing new scholarship on Lusophone African countries across a range of disciplines. If you are interested in the research of any of the scholars in the list, click on their names to be taken to their H-Net profile where you can find out more about their work and - as long as you are signed in to H-Net - where you can send them a message via 'contact'.

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PhD (2017), Department of Anthropology, Stanford University
Title: "From Water to Wine: the Emergence of Angola’s Middle Class in the Southern Atlantic"
PhD (2018), Department of History, King's College London
Title: "Fiction as History? Resistance, Complicities and the Intellectual History of Postcolonial Angola"
PhD (2015), Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University of Manchester.
Title: "Out of the Iron House: Deconstructing Gender and Sexuality in Mozambican Literature"
PhD (2016), Department of History, York University
Title: "Medical Practitioners and the Colonial Project: Medicine, Public Health, and the Contested Re-Colonization of Sao Tome and Principe, 1850-1926."
PhD (2017), Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki
Title: "Beautiful Mozambique: Haptics of belonging in the life narratives of female war veterans"
PhD (2017) Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota
Title: " Açúcar nem Sempre Doce: Reinvestment, Land, and Gendered Labor in a ‘New’ Mozambique”
PhD (2016), Department of History, York University
Title: "The Donas of Luanda, c. 1773-1866: From Atlantic Slave Trading to 'Legitimate Commerce'"
PhD (2015), Social Anthropology/Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester
Title: "Crafted 'Children': an ethnography on Making and Collecting dolls in Southwest Angola"
PhD (2017), Faculdade de Direito, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Title: "Pluralismo jurídico entre tradição e Estado democrático (e) de Direito: o caso de Angola [Legal pluralism between tradition and democracy/rule of law: The case of Angola]"
Ress, Susanne
PhD (2015), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Development Studies Ph.D. Program
Title: "Solidarity, History and Integration: A Qualitative Case Study of Brazilian South-South Cooperation in Higher Education"
PhD (2017), History Department, Princeton University
Title: "Socialist Solidarities and Their Afterlives: Histories and Memories of Angolan and Mozambican Migrants in the German Democratic Republic, 1975-2015"
Siegert, Nadine
PhD (2016), Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies, University of Bayreuth
Title: “(Re)mapping Luanda. Utopische und nostalgische Zugänge zu einem kollektiven Bildarchiv
PhD (2017), Instituto de Educação, Universidade do Minho
Title: "Entre o internacional e o local – impacto e efeitos de programas de educação em cooperação para o desenvolvimento. Um estudo de caso na Guiné-Bissau”
PhD (2017), Departamento de Literaturas Românicas, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa
Title: "Poética do Mar e do Amor na Poesia Moçambicana: Glória de Sant'Anna e Eduardo White"