Conferência Zoom “An entangled history of rural extension in Angola: knowledge, development and counter-subversion”

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Seminários de História de África, Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa


Conferência “An entangled history of rural extension in Angola: knowledge, development and counter-subversion”, por Cláudia Castelo (Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidade de Coimbra)


9 de Dezembro 2020, 18h| 6pm (Lisboa)


ID da reunião Zoom: 899 1010 1205

Senha: 884355



The pilot project of rural extension in Andulo (Bié), carried out in Angola highland in the late 1960s and early 1970s, has been presented as an instrument for the Portuguese counter-subversion in the context of the colonial war. It has also been especially associated with the German engineer, Hermann Pössinger, its proponent and technical advisor. Based on a research on archival sources, biographical method and oral history, the paper presents a more complex and global history of this experience, following Pössinger but also other technicians who have been in the shadow, and establishing links between individual and institutional paths, development concepts and agricultural practices that go beyond the national and colonial framework. It turns out that the project is part of a circulation involving America, Europe and Africa, it has benefited from the previous work of the Angolan Agricultural Surveys Mission and had underpinned the knowledge of the social and economic structures of the Ovimbundu and a vision of integral development of African peasants against the repressive development model of late Portuguese colonialism. The participatory and potentially empowering dimension of the project re-addresses us to the dialectical contradiction of the Portuguese late colonial policy on the eve of the end of empire.




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Keywords: Angola, colonialism