TOC: Itinerario, special issue on Violence, Migration, and Gender in the Portuguese- and Spanish-Speaking World

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Itinerario: Journal of Imperial and Global Interactions 44, special issue 1 (April 2020)

Several articles are open access.


Introduction: Violence, Migration, and Gender in the Portuguese- and Spanish-Speaking World, 1945–2019, by Andreas Stucki


Modernising Violence and Social Change in the Spanish Sahara (1957–1975), by Enrique Bengochea Tirado and Francesco Correale


A Robust Operation: Resettling, Security, and Development in Late Colonial Angola (1960s–1970s), by Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo


Imagining a Better Future: Anti-colonial Protest and Social Debates in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde, 1945–1975, Alexander Keese


Ambivalent Relationships: The Portuguese State and the Indian Nationals in Mozambique in the Aftermath of the Goa Crisis, 1961–1971, by Susana Trovão, Sandra Araújo


The Presence of the Colonial Past: Equatorial Guinean Women in Spain, Yolanda Aixelà-Cabré


Europeanising Migration in Multicultural Spain and Portugal During and After the Decolonisation Era, Elizabeth Buettner


Antislavery and Imperialism: The British Suppression of the Slave Trade and the Opening of Fernando Po, 1827–1829, by Jeff Pardue


Junks to Mare Clausum: China-Maluku Connections in the Spice Wars, 1607–1622, by Guanmian Xu


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