TOC: Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies 6, 4 (2020), Thinking Oceanically: Ilha de Moçambique

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Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies, Volume 6, Issue 4 (2020)


Editors' Introduction: Thinking Oceanically: Ilha de Moçambique/Island of Mozambique, by Charne Lavery & Isabel Hofmeyr


A Marine Archaeologist reads Mia Couto, by Anézia António Asse


Mozambique Island, Cabaceira Pequena and the Wider Swahili World: An Archaeological Perspective, by Diogo V. Oliveira


A Cowrie’s Life: The São Bento and Transoceanic Trade in the Sixteenth Century, by Justine Wintjes


Soundscapes of Omuhipiti, by Rufus Maculuve


Diving into the Slave Wreck: The São José Paquete d’Africa and Yvette Christiansë’s Imprendehora, by Charne Lavery


Lady Kennaway: A ship story, by Phindi Mnyaka

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