Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Another collection of recent books, articles, and blogs. There are quite a few items about events in Cabo Delgado, and many other publications of interest. And keep an eye out for a Mozambican film to be streaming later this month at Netflix.


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Ana Beatriz Ribeiro, Modernization Dreams, Lusotropical Promises: A Global Studies Perspective on Brazil-Mozambique Development Discourse, Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. 23 (Brill, 2020)


Carlos Lopes, África em transformação: Desenvolvimento económico na era da dúvida, Portuguese edition, trans. Myriam Zaluar (Edições Tinta-da-China, 2020)  


Alicia Hayashi Lazzarini, “Reinvestment, Resource ‘Rushes,’ and the Inalienability of Place: Land’s Active Layerings in Mozambique,”  Annals of the American Association of Geographers (2020), pre-publication view,


Eric Morier-Genoud, “The jihadi insurgency in Mozambique: origins, nature and beginning,” Journal of Eastern African Studies (2020), pre-publication view::  


Bernhard Weimer, Walking the Talk? A critical perspective on Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation in Mozambique (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 2020)


Francisco Almeida dos Santos, War in resource-rich northern Mozambique – Six scenarios,

CMI Insight 2020:02 (Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute, 2020) (18 pp.; Portuguese version also available),


Eleanor Jones, “Troubled times: disability, sexuality and futurity in Mozambican, Ugandan and Zimbabwean political cultures,” Forum for Modern Language Studies 56, 1 (2020): 21-38. DOI: 10.1093/fmls/cqz054


Lisa Åkesson, “European migration to Africa and the coloniality of knowledge: the Portuguese in Maputo,” Third World Quarterly (2020), pre-publication view,


Vanessa S. Oliveira, “Baskets, stalls and shops: experiences and strategies of women in retail sales in nineteenth-century Luanda,” Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, (2020)


Allen Isaacman, “Toward a Biography of Samora Machel: The Making of a Revolutionary, 1933–1970 ca.,” South African Historical Journal 72, 1 (March 2020): 51-79  


Vasco Martins, “‘A nossa lâmpada não se apaga’: The Mnemonic Return of Angola’s Jonas Savimbi,” African Studies Review (2020), pre-publication view,   


Ivan Sicca Gonçalves, “Às Margens Do Império, Por Dentro Dos Sobados: Estratégias Comerciais de Sertanejos e Centro-Africanos no Planalto Central Angolano (décadas de 1840 a 1”860)", Revista Faces de Clio, v.6, n. 11 (2020), pp. 202-233.



Murtah Shannon, Kei Otsuki, Annelies Zoomers, and Mayke Kaag, “On whose land is the city to be built? Farmers, donors and the urban land question in Beira city, Mozambique,” Urban Studies (June 2020) pre-publication, 


Cinzia Castiglioni, Edoardo Lozza, Paolo Anselmi, and Rossella Rossi, “Assessing social impact in the field of sustainable tourism development: Evidence from Cabo Delgado (MZ),” Development Southern Africa 37, 4 (2020): 553-569,


Zeyad el Nabolsy, “Amílcar Cabral’s modernist philosophy of culture and cultural liberation,” Journal of African Cultural Studies 32, 2 (2020): 231-250


Zachariah Mampilly and Megan A. Stewart, “A Typology of Rebel Political Institutional Arrangements,” [includes Amílcar Cabral] Journal of Conflict Resolution (2020) pre-publication view,


Branca Clara das Neves, Estamos Aqui [A narrativa convida o leitor a visitar ritmos de expressão da cosmogonia kongo, não sem o humor e a surpresa que o diálogo entre duas gerações transmite e que a possibilidade de circulação pelas três línguas, português, kikongo e francês, potencia.] (Lisboa: Guerra e Paz, 2020)


Vítor de Sousa, “A memória como promotora de interculturalidade em Maputo, através da preservação da estatuária colonial,” Comunicação e Sociedade (2019): 246-267, also available in English: “Memory as an interculturality booster in Maputo, through the preservation of the colonial statuary,” access to both, 


Innovative Models for Sustainable Development in Emerging African Countries, ed., Niccolò Aste, Stefano Della Torre, Cinzia Talamo, Rajendra Singh Adhikari, and Corinna Rossi (Springer, 2020)


This book includes these articles, open access:

Domenico Chizzoniti, Monica Moscatelli, and Letizia Cattani, “Development of Social Welfare Architectures in Marginal Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, The Case Study of the Gamba Deve-Licoma Axis in Mozambique”

Graziano Salvalai, Marco Imperadori, Marta M. Sesana, and Gianluca Crippa, “Ski Yurt: Upcycle of Downhill Skis for a Shelter in Cacine—Guinea-Bissau”

Marco Imperadori, Graziano Salvalai, Marta M. Sesana, Serena Rosa, and Consuelo Montanelli, “Borboleta and Papagaio: Emergency Unit and Children’s Nutritional Center in Farim—Guinea-Bissau”

Liala Baiardi, “The Mo.N.G.U.E. Development and Experimentation Project in Mozambique”




News and blogs:


Paolo Israel, “Simon Nshusha: Morte de um herói complexo,” Savana (5 June 2020), available atói_complexo


Ângela Rodrigues, “Cases, Courtrooms and Covid-19 in Cape Verde: A Judge's View,” Institute for African Women in Law blog (June 2020)


Les Amis de la Terre France, “De l’eldorado gazier au chaos: A l’abri des regards, les projets gaziers sèment le chaos au nord du Mozambique et la France en est directement complice” (June 15, 2020),

And in English: Friends of the Earth International, “Gas in Mozambique: A Windfall for the Industry, a Curse for the Country” (June 15, 2020)


Patrícia Rosas, “A Moderna Arte Africana de Malangatana,” Museu Calouste Gulbenkian blog (5 June 2020)


“Guiné-Bissau: Mulheres em campanha para denunciar violência doméstica,” DW (18 June 2020)é-bissau-mulheres-em-campanha-para-denunciar-violência-doméstica/a-53853488


Terza Silva Lima-Neves, “Ser o ‘Bom’ Imigrante não o Salvará do Racismo: Uma Carta Aberta a Minha Comunidade Cabo-Verdiana,” personal blog (June 22, 2020),, also in English at the same blog site


Dulcina Mendes, “‘Cabo Verde tem que conhecer a sua história de uma forma profunda’ Abraão Vicente,” Expresso das Ilhas (16 jun 2020)


African Energy Chamber, “Angola expects to implement a USD 400 million two-phase project in the clean energy segment,” (June 15, 2020)

Thanks to Bill Minter, who included this article with others in AfricaFocus, “Africa/Global: Fossil Fuel Viability to Decline Sharply,” (June 22, 2020), see 


Theo Neethling, “Why South Africa has a keen interest in extremist violence in northern Mozambique,” The Conversation (June 22, 2020)


Dércio Tsandzana, “‘Resgate’ é o primeiro filme moçambicano a entrar no catálogo da Netflix:

Produções africanas têm ganhado espaço na Plataforma,” Global Voices (23 Junho, 2020) (other languages available from this link)

As of July 7, the film is not available, but watch for it later this month.