TOC: Varia Historia 36, n. 71 (2020), dossier on Economic, political and intellectual history of West Africa

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Dear colleagues, 

Issue 71 of the journal Varia Historia - an International Journal published by the Graduate Studies in History at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) - has just been released with the dossier "Economic, political and intellectual history of West Africa: Logics of exchange (15th centuries to XIX).

This number was edited by professor Thiago Mota (Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil) and professor Idrissa Ba (University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal) and has five articles; the Lusophone contributions are listed below.
All texts are available free of charge on Varia Historia's webpage on SciELO. I invite you to visit the journal and get to know the recently launched works. 

MOTA, Thiago Henrique. A King’s Heart: Islamic Political Culture as an Antecedent of Muslim Revolutions in West Africa (Senegambia, 16th and 17th Centuries). Varia hist. vol.36, n.71, 2020, pp.295-328.  [obs. this papers deals with Greater Senegambia mainly through Portuguese sources]

BA, Idrissa. Trans-Saharan Trade and its Logics of Accommodation in Relation to Transatlatic Trade Between the 15th and the 19th Centuries. Varia hist. vol.36, n.71, 2020, pp.329-360.  [obs. It is an historiographical discussion that deals with Portuguese overseas expansion in West Africa]

GIESING, Cornelia Bernhardette. “The Wolf in the Sheepfold”: Narrations and Identities of the Bijaa, Conquering Subjects of the Ancient Kingdom of Kasa in Senegambia. Tribute to Stephan Bühnen (1950-2015). Varia hist. vol.36, n.71, 2020, pp.361-393.  [obs. most of this paper comes from fieldwork in Guinea-Bissau]

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